Kim Kardashian REJECTED Kanye West When He Tried To Meet Up With Her For A Late Night Drink!

It sounds like Kim Kardashian really knows how to keep her distance from her ex…

The KUWTK alum is the focus of a surprising new report published on Thursday afternoon. In it, insiders claim the momma turned down a “late night drink” offer from Kanye West days ago — and the rapper is apparently PISSED about the rejection!! This all comes from The Sun, which reports both Kim and Kanye were in New York this past week for New York Fashion Week. The 41-year-old was also spotted over the weekend at Beyoncé‘s 41st birthday party in El Lay, too, so Kim has a lot going on. (One can guess how she’s traveling back and forth, but we digress…)

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Anyways, here’s what happened: according to a source who spoke to the outlet, the 45-year-old rapper popped up at the VOGUE World: New York event, and even hung out for a bit with Jared Leto. But when night fell, he sought out his ex for a low-key private meeting!! The insider alleged Ye contacted the SKIMS mogul about getting together in the Big Apple, but she apparently straight-up rejected him:

“He called her up while there suggesting they do dinner. She told him her schedule was full. He wouldn’t let it up and kept trying for a late night drink.”

Here’s where things get really gross, though. That same source told The Sun that Ye apparently became angry at the rejection for this disgusting reason:

“That’s made him even madder, because she’s disrespected him according to his philosophy.”

What the f**k?? His “philosophy” sounds like a bunch of bull s**t and toxic masculinity! The confidant also shed some light on why Kim rejected the supposed dinner-turned-drink offer. From her POV, it’s apparently not productive to hear Ye rant about school choice and other parenting issues:

“But she knows it would just be more rants about schools, about the kids using social media. There’s no point arguing with him.”

Oof. What a quote… A second source added more context, explaining how Kim is busy AF and doesn’t have time to waste on Ye’s “philosophy” takes:

“Kim was only there for 24 hours — she’s on a schedule.”

FWIW, Ye’s alleged anger may not just be about Kim’s nightcap rejection. Kanye was not invited to Queen Bey’s birthday while the SKKN By Kim whiz was. That shouldn’t be a surprise, of course, since he and the Halo singer’s husband JAY-Z had a falling out years ago. But being on the outside looking in may still have caused some anger to bubble up within Ye.

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The second source explained more about it, claiming Kanye fired off “a lot of angry messages” to the trio:

“It was Kim & Khloe attending Beyonce’s Birthday bash, and not Kanye, which really rubbed the rapper up the wrong way. There’s been a lot of angry messages to Beyonce and Kim, and Jay-Z too.”

Wow. Desperation and bitterness are not good looks. Just saying!! What do y’all make of the performer’s reported bad behavior, Perezcious readers? And Kim rejecting his meet-up ask outright?! Girl’s got priorities! And multiple jobs! And four kids! She can’t be wasting time talking about TikTok with her ex! Right??

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