Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Are Willing To Do ‘Whatever It Takes’ To Make Their Love Last!

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are going to make it work — even though their conflicting work schedules seem to be conspiring against them!

The 41-year-old reality TV star and the 28-year-old former Saturday Night Live funnyman haven’t been seeing a whole lot of each other lately. Pete is down in Australia filming a new movie called Wizards! alongside Orlando Bloom. Of course, Kim has been busy AF with recent Fashion Week trips and tirelessly promoting SKIMS and SKKN By Kim stateside. But don’t let their current long-distance situation fool you! These two are in it for the long haul!!

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On Wednesday, ET published key new details about Kete’s relationship. An insider informed the outlet about a lot of different internal dynamics, but one thing is clear: there’s no long-distance trouble here! The source revealed that the couple is working hard to put forth a lot of effort to maintain their love:

“Kim and Pete’s relationship is going better than ever and they are closer and more in love than ever before. They are both extremely busy with work, but they both make constant efforts to ensure that they see and spend time together on a relatively consistent basis, even if that means flying thousands of miles to be with each other.”

The confidant also added:

“[They] will do whatever it takes to maintain and balance their professional and personal lives together.”

Love that!

Relationships take work! And if they are eager to put the work in, that’s a good sign — 7,000 miles away or not.

Of course, Pete’s clear desire to become a father is on everybody’s minds. Kim is already a mom to four, so she may not be too keen to have a fifth right now. But the duo is communicating about that and working to find the best path forward:

“Kim’s kids think Pete is so funny, playful and adore him. Pete definitely wants to be a dad and him and Kim have spoken about that, but they are focused on building their relationship right now.”

We love to hear how Pete has bonded with Kim’s brood!! As for the distance between them right now, both parties have stepped up their game in terms of communicating:

“Kim supports Pete by being attentive to him, checking on him, and texting and FaceTiming him when they’re apart. She has her own ways of making him feel special, and she certainly makes her presence known in his life. They have insane chemistry and can hardly keep their hands off of each other when they’re together in person.”

FYI, apparently once filming wraps for Pete in the land Down Under, he and Kim are “hoping to take a trip together” to celebrate the end of the project and their romantic reunion! That’s sweet!

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So what’s the problem, you ask? Well, none, really, except… Kanye West. The ET insider had ONE MORE thing to dish on Wednesday, and it had to do with Kim’s erratic ex-husband. While the Jesus Walks rapper has been “purposely laying low” as of late, it sounds like Ye is still pretty unsettled about the mother of his children having moved on with another man:

“Kanye is still bitter about everything, but he is attempting to accept that Pete is here to stay. Kanye will never fully give up on the idea of getting back together with Kim, but he is slowly understanding that it is getting less and less realistic, and that torments him. He is purposely laying low right now as he knows he has gotten himself into enough controversy and he is finally recognizing that. Their co-parenting routine is manageable and Kim is doing her best to make it work.”


We get it, Kanye. Breakups hurt. But it’s time to get past it and get on with life, man! Anyway, what do y’all make of Kim and Pete’s continued connection even from afar, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your thoughts on these two down in the comments (below)!

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