Kim Kardashian Is Paying For Beefed-Up Security At Kids’ School After Kanye West’s Recent Behavior

Kim Kardashian isn’t taking any chances.

The 41-year-old reality TV star has been dealing with the fallout from ex Kanye West‘s increasingly concerning behavior online. Of course, she isn’t the only one having to face the consequences of the Hurricane rapper’s unpredictable actions. But considering the star shares four kids with Ye and must co-parent with him to the best of her abilities, much of the immediate drama falls on her shoulders. And she’s doing whatever she can to keep those kids safe.

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According to TMZ, Kim is paying “for heightened security” at her kids’ private school right now. The outlet reported info from a source early on Tuesday morning indicating the SKIMS founder is footing the bill. School officials apparently decided to hire extra officers to prevent a worst-case scenario. That can’t be cheap, but Kim’s got the money to cover that bill — and it’s being done in the name of the kids’ safety.

Ye has called out the school by name and criticized it in previous Instagram rants. He’s also been petitioning Kim to allow him to enroll the couple’s children in his own Donda Academy instead. That hasn’t happened yet. And it may never, with Kim clearly keen on keeping the kids in a more structured environment. But the tension has created problems.

The issue here, according to the outlet, isn’t Ye himself as much as it would be some other random person. Because the Jesus Walks rapper has freely criticized the school in prior rants, Kim and school officials are worried one of the 45-year-old’s overzealous fans could show up. So, the security is there to protect all the students. Even the thought of that would be deeply unsettling…

Of course, Kanye has since been banned from IG after making a boatload of incendiary comments. Among the offending behaviors was one particularly awful school-related metaphor. The Chicago-born A-lister called out fellow rapper Boosie Badazz over the weekend on the app, and referenced being “back to shoot the school up” as revenge for the criticism he’d been receiving for his “White Lives Matter” stunt at Paris Fashion Week.

That rightfully didn’t sit well with IG officials, who took action to limit Ye’s account. Later comments about going “Death Con 3” on Jewish people similarly curtailed Ye’s activities on Twitter. He then took all that as an opportunity to post a rambling video to YouTube. So he’s clearly trying any and all means to get his message out there. (Including sitting down with Tucker Carlson. Ugh!)

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As always, we just hope tensions will calm here. This is not a healthy situation for the ex-couple’s four kids. When it starts to come down to paying for extra security at school, that’s when you know things have gone too far. (TBH, things have already been too far, but, yeah.)

So scary…

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