Kim Kardashian Explains Why It’s Easy To Ignore Haters On Social Media: ‘So Much Of It Is Noise’

After nearly two full decades in the celeb spotlight, Kim Kardashian is completely able to ignore the haters!

The 41-year-old reality TV veteran has been in the public eye since the early 2000s following her Paris Hilton-adjacent rise to fame — and then that infamous Ray J sex tape that even now just won’t seem to stay in the past.

Over the years, she’s gotten REALLY good at tuning out the bull s**t!!

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On Tuesday, the SKIMS mogul appeared opposite TV host Michael Strahan on Good Morning America. She was in NYC to promote Tuesday’s forthcoming second season release of The Kardashians on Hulu, and she used the interview segment with the former football star to talk about her life, her career, and her on-air work.

As such, she didn’t disappoint in teasing what fans will see this season on the streaming giant! Explaining that there will be at least one “seriously deep, vulnerable” episode this season that will surprise viewers, Kim revealed:

“You see me making decisions for myself, obviously always thinking about my kids, but generally just doing things for myself.”

Oooh… Well that’s interesting. Guess we’ll have to tune in on Hulu this fall to see what she means! (Y’all know we’re going to do that regardless. LOLz!)

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Aside from the promo talk, Strahan asked Kim about her decade-and-a-half run of A-list fame. While it can never be easy to hear random people talk s**t about you online, the Selfish author did admit to the former New York Giants great that things have gotten considerably better as time has gone on.

She explained:

“It has gotten easier because I think you just get to a level where you see that so much of it is noise, and we have each other, we have us as a support system. I couldn’t do it without my family.”

Family first! That’s what the KarJenner clan has always done, and we’re pretty damn certain it’s what they will always do!

Kim explained how the famous fam circles the wagons so consistently every year, telling Strahan:

“Just because when there’s maybe a little too much noise everyone’s there just to be like, ‘OK we know what’s real. We know what’s happening. This doesn’t matter. Let’s all just come back to what we know, and that’s each other.’ And I feel so grateful that we had all of those experiences at the same time so we can really lean on each other.”

Sounds amazing to us!

You can see Kim’s full segment from Tuesday morning’s episode of GMA (below):

Good for her! Confident, self-assured, and motivated. Truly some life goals! (Of course, her incredible material privilege doesn’t hurt, either. But credit where credit is due — she keeps it moving!)

Now, we just can’t wait to see more of The Kardashians on Hulu. The time has finally come, y’all! Season TWO!!!


[Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram]

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