Kiely Rodni’s Boyfriend Pays Tribute After Her Body Was Found In Reservoir

It’s a terribly sad time for Kiely Rodni’s family and friends.

On Tuesday, law enforcement confirmed the body found in the Prosser Creek Reservoir by Adventures with Purpose was the missing 16-year-old. An investigation is still ongoing to determine how she wound up in the devastating situation after attending a high school graduation party at the Prosser Family Campground on August 5 in Truckee, California. But now, her loved ones are beginning to grieve her significant loss, including her boyfriend.

On Wednesday, Jagger Westfall took to Instagram to pay tribute to his late girlfriend. He had been active in the investigation to find Kiely, even staying positive and insisting he felt she was alive during the two-week search. So, as you can imagine, this is an extra difficult time for him as he grapples with her passing.

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To commemorate his time with the late teen, Jagger shared an intimate video of him and Kiely on a dock at sunset. In the video, they hug and dance as music plays in the background. It’s an extra special moment for him to look back on since Kiely had no idea he was filming, he shared:

“You know Kiely I took this video without telling you, I knew that I needed to save that moment of holding you close at sunset.”

Makes you realize how important it is to capture moments with loved ones. You never know when it might be your last…

In the wake of her absence, Jagger is now committed to living life how Kiely would have wanted him to — including protecting her loved ones:

“I’m going to live the way you would want me to live from here on out. I’m going to be a better person. I’m going to take care of your friends. I’m going to take care of your family. And I’m going to help anyone who needs it. I know that’s what you want me to do. I love you so much my beautiful angel, I’m not giving up on you. #llk

So heartbreaking. We simply cannot fathom how difficult it must be to lose a partner at such a young age in these unusual circumstances.

The aspiring photographer also added a photo of a tattoo on his Instagram Story, which read in simple black writing on his arm:

“Stay alive for me”

Over the image, he reiterated his desire to be there for his mourning friends, expressing:

“I want all of you to look at this and remember what Kiely would want. We all need to stay strong, for her family, and for each other. Nobody is in this alone. If anyone needs to talk about literally anything I’m here for you.

Kiely would want me to keep her friends and family safe and that’s what I’m going to do for the rest of my life. After all of this, you are all my family.”

Whoa. Such a sweet message. While we know the teen must be feeling so much sadness and pain amid his loss, it’s heartwarming to see he’s determined to be there for others as well.

This tribute comes days after Kiely’s family broke their silence in an emotional statement on their website In the post, they explained they would be leaning into “art, dance, and music” to process and heal from this tragedy, saying in part:

“Kindly excuse us as we retreat and dance privately to life’s song while we celebrate our daughter’s spirit and heal our souls.”

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The family is currently in the process of selling their 2,710-square-foot cabin, The Lost Trail Lodge, a four-bedroom hotel owned by Kiely’s grandfather, David Robertson, where Kiely grew up and was living before her disappearance. It has been on the market for $1.75 million since July 11 and is located roughly 12 miles from where the 16-year-old vanished. Despite their loss, they are still determined to sell the property as soon as possible. Speaking to the US Sun on Wednesday, their realtor Jim Wiggins said:

“The family were [sic] just tired from running the business for so long and had cleaned the place up real well before Kiely’s disappearance.”

Giving an update on their grieving process, he continued:

“I’ve spoken to them, they’re devastated but are relieved she was finally found … they’re coping as best they can.”

While some might find comfort living in a place full of so many memories of their loved ones, the Rodni-Nieman’s are eager to move forward with their plan to leave, Jim noted:

“Kiely grew up there and had been living at the lodge until she disappeared. Now that she’s gone, the family is even more motivated to move ahead with the sale of this property.”

Makes sense. It must be so hard to see signs of all they’ve lost at every turn. We are thinking of all those grieving Kiely. May they find peace and healing in this tragic time.

[Image via FOX40 News/YouTube & GoFundMe]

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