Kiely Rodni Autopsy Results Being Kept Quiet — After Diver Who Found Her Says Scene Looked ‘Suspicious’

The search for Kiely Rodni is over, but it seems the investigation is just beginning. Now multiple things are leading us to believe there’s a lot more to the teen’s death than a car crash…

As you’ve probably heard already, this all began back on August 5 when Kiely went to a party in the woods with a bunch of other teens, over 200 by some estimations. The high schoolers had gathered near the Prosser Family campground, not far from Lake Tahoe, in Truckee, California. The 16-year-old told her mother she was coming home just after midnight, but she never arrived. No one had any idea where she was. She just… vanished.

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After a two-week search, the authorities were giving up combing the area. It was the YouTube group known as Adventures With Purpose who finally made the tragic find, locating Kiely’s missing vehicle in the Prosser Creek Reservoir — along with her body inside.

Plenty was already suspicious at that time — as pointed out in the group’s harrowing video.

Diver Nick Rinn, who was the first to spot the human remains in the submerged vehicle, pointed out some very odd things he saw right away:

“She’s in the back of the vehicle. She’s not in the driver’s seat. It looks suspicious to me.”

If she was alone and crashed and drowned, wouldn’t she be in the driver’s seat? And that wasn’t all. He also noted:

“The vehicle’s upside down, some of the — one window’s halfway down. One window is all the way down.”

That also implies other people in the car. When you’re driving alone how often do you put the rear driver’s side window down? But if there were others in the car, where are their bodies? If they got out, why didn’t they report it right away? Suspicious is definitely the word.

Now we have something else cluing us in that this is more than a car accident…

The Nevada County Sheriffs Office, who are handling the case, had an odd answer when The Sun asked about the cause of death. The autopsy was performed back on August 23, confirming the body found was indeed Kiely. After two weeks the outlet expected there to be at least a cause of death available. Instead, police responded by confirming they have the autopsy results, presumably toxicology and everything — but they won’t be making any of that public for over two months. Huh? Not even cause of death??

They told The Sun “the investigation is not complete and is considered ongoing at this time”:

“Once the investigation is complete, [the] release will be pursuant to all privileges and/or exemptions that may apply. We expect the investigation, review, and redaction processes to be completed by November 1, 2022.”

November 1? Well, maybe. The Sheriff’s Office added that they may delay again further down the road. Whoa.

If this was just a car accident, they could have given out that information just days after the autopsy — and they’d want to, to assuage any fears there was foul play. This… this does the opposite of that. If they’re holding back information for the sake of the investigation, it must be for a reason.

But we guess we’ll have to wait a while to find out what that reason is…

[Image via With Purpose/YouTube.]

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