Khloé Kardashian Says She’s ‘Such A Fatty’ For Eating Her Sister’s Vitamin Gummies — And Fans Have THOUGHTS!

Kourtney Kardashian is pushing her new gummy vitamin brand Lemme out for the world to see — but is her little sister hurting her marketing plan?!

On Tuesday, Khloé Kardashian took to her Instagram Stories to reveal serious fatigue while sitting in the carpool line to pick up daughter True Thompson. In the vids, she joked about how Kourtney dropped two bottles of Lemme Chill and Lemme Focus in the car — and the Revenge Body host was going to take a few of the “Focus” gummies to help her get through the day!

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But while that seemed simple enough — just a little cross-promotional IG work for Kourt’s new brand — Khloé took things another way not long after! In a second set of IG Stories vids back at her house, the 38-year-old reality TV star revealed a surprise gift from Kourtney: a Lemme gum ball machine!


In one of the clips, Khloé can be seen opening the gum ball box and cooing:

“Ooh what is this?”

Things got a little more controversial, though, when True’s momma pulled out one plastic gum ball with two vitamin gummies inside. She said to the camera:

“Wait I’m such a fatty that I ate it all. I got Lemme Focus, and as I said, I need it today.”

Khloé Kardashian Says She's 'Such A Fatty' For Eating Her Sister's Vitamin Gummies -- And Fans Have THOUGHTS!
“Leave it to my genius sister,” Khloé joked about her new gummy fixation! / (c) Khloé Kardashian/Instagram

But, wait, she said she’s “such a fatty” after eating two gummies? Two vitamin gummies? What is that, like, ten calories? IF that?! Did we miss something here??

Not long after Khloé first posted the clips on Tuesday afternoon, the critics started rolling in. Some fans took to Twitter to give their thoughts on what they saw as Khloé’s problematic take on food and fat:

And there were LOTS more reactions over there, too:

“It’s hard to believe she was once the ‘relatable’ Kardashian”

“How can someone be so ‘starved’ for attention?”

“Khloe K just called herself a fatty for eating gummy vitamins…”

“Anorexia isn’t cute. It’s a sickness. It’s so gross this family will influence girls to stop eating to look a way that they celebrate as hot.”

“Okay this is getting really bad. Like scary that they are promoting eating disorders and unhealthy ways of life”


It’s interesting, because fans have been wondering about Khloé’s body in the newest episodes of The Kardashians on Hulu. Of course, fans are never shy about sharing their unsolicited thoughts about the famous fam. Still, over the past week, lots of viewers have been tweeting opinions about how thin Khloé appears on camera recently:

“jfc seeing how thin khloe is in the new season of their show is lowkey triggering”

“Khloe is SO THIN and dead behind the eyes in this episode. I feel for her in this.”

“Just watching new season of The Kardashian’s! Poor Khloe! She looks so thin!”

“Khloe kardashian looks ill, she looks painfully thin”

“The thin-ness of Kim and khloe in the new season is just alarming. Please do not let this become a ‘trend’ again.”


What do y’all think about this, Perezcious readers? Is Khloé promoting an unhealthy lifestyle if even vitamins are making her feel like she’s indulging too much??

At least one thing is for sure: eating two vitamin gummies does not make somebody a “fatty.” Good lord…

[Image via Khloé Kardashian/Instagram]

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