Kelsea Ballerini Gets Naked In Bathtub For Emotional TikTok Video Following Divorce News

We really feel for Kelsea Ballerini.

The 28-year-old musician is reeling right now in the midst of her divorce from Morgan Evans. And over the weekend, she took to TikTok to reflect on the difficult situation — without ever saying a word.

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The country crooner posted an emotional video on Sunday of herself naked and sitting in a bathtub. She didn’t speak any words to the camera in the clip, but showed herself sitting in clear distress and emotional tumult while a song played over it.

That song was notable, too: it was Complex (Demo) by Katie Gregson MacLeod. In the video, MacLeod’s lyrics ring through, with one verse going like this:

“But I’m wearing his boxers / I’m being a good wife / We won’t be together / But maybe the next life / I need him like watеr / He lives on a landslide / I cry in his bathroom / Hе turns off the big light”

And the next verse plays on, as Kelsea sits in the tub with tear-stained, smudged mascara:

“I’m being a cool girl / I’m keeping it so tight / I carry him home while / My friends have a good night / I need him like water / He thinks that I’m alright / I’m not feeling human / I think he’s a good guy”


At the end of the video, Kelsea leans back into the water and dips her head under while the song continues to play. The newly-single singer’s caption is simple, too. She writes about this being “a complex time,” making reference to MacLeod’s song and her divorce drama with the clip (below):


a complex time.

♬ complex (demo) – Katie Gregson-MacLeod

Ugh. We feel for her.

Of course, in her initial post about the split, Kelsea wrote about how “fragile” she was over the news:

“This deeply difficult decision is the result of a journey of love, growth, and effort that ultimately has come to an end. It’s hard to find the words here…but I feel extremely grateful for the years of marriage to Morgan and hopeful for the next seasons. With very active schedules coming up, please be mindful that we are both fragile, actively healing, and showing up the best we can.”

And now, here is the fallout. So sad.

Sending love and light!

[Image via Kelsea Ballerini/TikTok/Instagram]

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