Kelly Ripa Had To Be HOSPITALIZED After ‘Traumatic’ Sex With Husband Mark Consuelos! What?!

Kelly Ripa revealed she lost consciousness after having sex with Mark Consuelos! And no, this is not a sexy story… We know the couple share a lot about how explosive their sex life is; this is NOT one of those stories.

In her upcoming book Live Wire: Long-Winded Short Stories the actress recalls a scary moment after she had sex with her husband — a story she shares in a sneak peek for Haute Living magazine.

In a chapter titled “Don’t Let Your Husband Pick Your Death Clothes”, she talks about the time she woke up in a hospital feeling very confused after sex. She was told she had two ovarian cysts — the “tormentors” which caused her to pass out. She writes:

“My eyes shift between the fuzzy images on the screen, the remnants of my ovarian tormentor, and Mark happily snacking away.”

So scary to wake up in a hospital with no recollection of what happened! And Mark was just enjoying hospital food?

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She continues to talk about how relaxed her husband — whom she jokingly calls her third cyst — seemed given the situation. Sadly, she was feeling scared of more medical issues:

 “Sex can be so traumatic I think, and yet one of us is completely undaunted. There he is, happily munching on the saltines now and ordering a second apple juice. Mark could be at a movie, or a spa. Instead, I’m flat on my back wondering when the other two cysts will burst.”

While continuing to poke fun at Mark, she thinks back to the clothes he dressed her in to take her to the hospital while she was unconscious — a choice she wasn’t too pleased about!

“Also, here is my husband, who is, dare I say, stylish, well-dressed at all times, and yet he dressed me like a dime store prostitute in my time of need. It’s still baffling to me to this day that this is the best costume for the day that he could find for me, to the point where, when I was on the stretcher, I thought I was dreaming; I was having a nightmare.”

Aww, haha, poor Kelly! Later in her book, the 51-year-old says thankfully “you can’t die from embarrassment” — so she’s still with us after her less-than-ideal wardrobe change!

But fear not, she didn’t hold a grudge against her hubby — she actually went to him for assistance through a lot of the writing process. She gushed to HL about what a big help he was:

“It’s funny: Mark was my biggest champion in the whole process. He read it with the eye of not just a person reading it because they had to save their own marriage, but with the eye of a reader.”


We can’t imagine how scary it must’ve been on both Kelly and Mark for her to pass out in such an intimate moment! We’re glad things are okay and — in her usual fashion — she was able to make light of the situation in a hilarious way!

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