Katie Maloney Says ‘Idiot’ Vanderpump Rules Co-Star Raquel Leviss Deserves What’s Coming To Her!

Katie Maloney is not holding back when it comes to dishing her opinion on this month’s massive Vanderpump Rules mess!

Of course, the entire cast of the popular Bravo show has been reeling for a few weeks after Tom Sandoval‘s jaw-dropping affair with co-star Raquel Leviss was first revealed. Cast members rallied quickly and strongly around Tom’s now-ex-girlfriend Ariana Madix in response. But there are a lot of other emotions hanging out there, too. And as Katie just proved this week, one of those feelings is anger. Serious, raging, pointed anger!!!

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Maloney popped up on fellow VPR star Lala Kent‘s popular podcast Give Them Lala this week. Tom Schwartz‘s 36-year-old ex clearly has a lot of frustration and vitriol coursing through her right now. And in the podcast’s new ep, which dropped on Wednesday, she aimed every ounce of it at Leviss.

Of course, Lala is no wilting violet. The 32-year-old Utah native has definitely not bitten her tongue regarding Scandoval. But Wednesday’s show was ALL Katie. So, the podcast host listened in amazement as her pal went in on Raquel!

Maloney began by noting how she can “confidently say f**k you” to the now-disgraced 28-year-old reality TV star following the reveal of the months-long cheating scandal. Then, using the podcast to speak directly to Raquel, Katie added:

“I gave you every opportunity. I was so kind to you when I didn’t have to be, but I was. The fact that you didn’t really step or appreciate that or recognize that and you walked all over that and took a giant dump on it, you’re an idiot.”

And in an ominous addition, Katie also cryptically said:

“You deserve … what’s coming to you right now.”


That’s an interesting thing to say, because it likely serves as a teaser for Wednesday’s forthcoming Vanderpump Rules episode. As we’ve been reporting, this week’s turn on VPR is supposed to be absolutely WILD.

Andy Cohen himself said earlier this week that Bravo producers didn’t alter it in any way after Scandoval first broke at the start of the month. It was crazy to begin with, apparently. And the unearthed affair is only going to make it crazier!! So when Katie told Raquel that she “deserves” what’s coming to her, perhaps that’s the ultimate teaser for Wednesday night’s TV reveal??

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Now, Katie didn’t just dress down Raquel on the pod. The reality TV vet aimed comments at the 40-year-old TomTom restaurateur who is also caught in the center of this mess, too. But Katie opted for a more personal take on her own history with Sandoval.

Accusing the bar owner of “never” respecting her, Katie said:

“I never stood a chance with him. He was always gonna find fault with me.”


There’s one more dynamic at play here for Katie, too. As Perezcious readers will recall, she’s been through her own relationship troubles recently after splitting from Schwartz. And Maloney couldn’t help but notice the “profound similarities” in Tom and Ariana’s now-destroyed dynamic as what she experienced in her own ill-fated marriage.

Katie explained how difficult it was for her not to say something months ago as things began to deteriorate:

“Who wants to say, ‘hey, you know that marriage I just ended because of all these things? I see that in your own relationship.’”

And for her part, the Give Them Lala Beauty mogul agreed:

“Not many women are strong enough to say, ‘This is not what I want to be in.’ I do admire … that something horrific didn’t happen for you to get that strength [to divorce Schwartz].”

Jeez. So much drama always bubbling below the surface among the VPR cast. It’s wild!!

Reactions to Katie’s new commentary, Perezcious readers??

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