Kathy Hilton Breaks Silence After Mistaking Lizzo For Gabourey Sidibe — Are You Buying THIS Excuse?!

Kathy Hilton is finally addressing her Lizzo mistake!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was met with tons of backlash after appearing on Wednesday night’s episode of Watch What Happens Live. During the show, she was asked to play a game to see if she could identify a series of celebrities based on their picture. But when it came to naming the About Damn Time pop star, she ended up mistaking the singer for actress Gabourey Sidibe, blurting:


The comment, seemingly referring to Gabourey’s 2009 role as Precious in the movie of the same name, stirred up controversy online as many fans called out Kathy for putting her alleged racism and fatphobia on full display! And now she’s trying to walk that all back!

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On Thursday, the controversial reality star commented on the Queens of Bravo Instagram account, explaining her blunder, she wrote:

“My vision is awful, the screen was so far away that I couldn’t even recognize Justin Timberlake or [Melissa] Etheridge

She added a second comment saying something similar on another one of the account’s posts — this time with an extra touch of emotion, writing:

“The screen was so far away and my vision is terrible. If you recall. I couldn’t even make out who Justin Timberlake or Melissa Etheridge was .”

Justin was another one of the celebrities she failed to name in the game. She also didn’t recognize Melissa when she was a surprise guest on a latest episode of RHOBH, during which Kathy had to ask:

“Who the hell is that?”

So perhaps she really is THAT bad at naming icons! But are you buying her poor vision as an excuse for calling Lizzo Precious?! Just because they’re both Black and beautiful?

A few fans are giving Kathy the benefit of the doubt, writing on social media:

“Y’all leave my girl alone!”

“I believe her.”

“It was an honest mistake. Kathy is harmless.”

“She has horrible eyesight, didn’t even know who Keanu [Reeves], Ryan Reynolds’s, or Justin Timberlake was, but she also a Boomer. We don’t always know the young talent.”

Unfortunately for the 63-year-old, most people aren’t so willing to forgive and forget! Haters argued:

“People are always gonna let things slide when it comes to this white woman huh?”

“lol not knowing who somebody is or not recognizing them is one thing. calling them precious is just a blatantly racist microaggression.”

“Ok glasses and laser eye surgery are well within your budget Kathy. This ‘my eyes are bad’ excuse is getting old.

“The accidental slip was one thing but then she said she always calls her Precious. That’s not ok

“Your vision is so bad that it made you think fictional characters are real?”

When you put it like that, her excuse doesn’t hold up as strong!

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But according to a source who spoke with E! News after the segment went viral on Thursday, Kathy “feels terrible” about the mistake — but they aren’t relying on her poor vision to get her out of this mess. Instead, the insider explained:

“She gets a little nervous when she is on live TV. Kathy is a very sensitive person and would never intentionally hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Nervous? Seriously, that’s what they’re going with?! A second confidant shared:

“Kathy would never want to offend anyone at all. She doesn’t know who anyone is.”

Hmm. While Gabby and Lizzo haven’t publicly addressed the scandal, the performer did make a cryptic stance on the matter via Twitter. On Thursday, she shared a series of sexy AF swimsuit photos, captioning the eye-catching post:


LOLz! Keeping her head above the drama! Gotta love it!

What do YOU make of this controversy, Perezcious readers? Was Kathy really misled by her poor vision? Or was it all one big joke that totally backfired?! Sound OFF (below)!

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