Kate Moss’ Sister Lottie Whines About Nepotism Backlash — Then Deletes Twitter Account After Getting Called Out!

Lottie Moss is mad online!

And, well, she’s actually not online anymore. Because she melted down so hard she deactivated her Twitter account after thousands of users came for her in the replies! BIG yikes!! Supermodel and fashion icon Kate Moss‘s half-sister took an incredible amount of tweet heat on Wednesday after the younger Moss weighed in on the nepo baby controversy.

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If you haven’t been paying attention, New York Magazine recently published a cover story about how many of Hollywood’s up-and-coming stars are children of already famous, rich, and well-connected people. The nepotism enjoyed by those “nepo babies” has been a point of contention on Twitter for days. And Kate’s 24-year-old baby sis — who is also a model, rising to fame years after Kate burst onto the scene — caught the brunt of that criticism!

It all started mid-day on Wednesday when Lottie took to the social media app to publish a series of tweets. Regarding the mag story and ensuing outrage, the young star wrote:

“I’m so sick of people blaming nepotism for why they aren’t rich and famous or successful — obviously it’s not fair that people who come from famous families are getting a leg up because of that but guess what? Life isn’t fair — if you put your mind to something you can accomplish anything! So, instead of being negative about other people’s success, go and try and create your own!”

Ummm… WTF?!

Saying “life isn’t fair” from an incredibly privileged position isn’t exactly a good look! And, yeah, it’s easy to “accomplish anything” when you get an incredible head start.

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Fans called her to the curb over that take IMMEDIATELY! And once Lottie started catching heat in the comments, she used her platform to respond:

“Did I ever say that nepotism isn’t a massive advantage? obviously it is but if you don’t have that advantage it’s not okay to abuse people on social media that do”

And she responded again:

“I obviously am so grateful that I have had the opportunities I’ve had don’t get it twisted”

Aaaaaand she just kept on digging her proverbial grave:

“And am privileged for numerous other reasons and as I say I am grateful for it all but s**tting on others because of it makes NO sense”

Girl, just LOG OFF! The initial take was terrible. There’s no coming back from that. It’s tone-deaf and dismissive! It’s time to get off Twitter and go outside for a while!! But as you can see (below), she just couldn’t let things slide:

Kate Moss' Sister Lottie Whines About Nepotism Claims -- And Then Deletes Twitter Account After Getting Called Out!
Lottie Moss really tried to go there! / (c) Lottie Moss/Twitter

And then she was gone!! After seeing her tweets were not well received by fans on the social app, Lottie deactivated her account. Buh-bye!! Users noticed that immediately, too. As you can see (below), people took great joy in Lottie’s departure:


And then the flood gates opened! Other Twitter users commented on how tone-deaf the model’s “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” take was in the first place:

“living proof that nepotism and name recognition do not confer expertise, wisdom, or intelligence, but mediocrity and embarrassment.”

“I mean this sincerely: you gotta just put down the phone for awhile”

“Your claim to fame is going to literally be how embarrassing this tweet is”

“I can see why you’d think that nepotism isn’t a massive advantage given that Kate Moss is your sister and yet you haven’t managed to do anything with that”

“lottie moss getting mad that she wasn’t named in the nyt article because even her own nepotism didn’t make her relevant enough to make the cut … sad!”

“I will be so sad if this website goes away because the way it breaks rich people’s minds and gives them a place to post about it is really unrivalled”

“Lottie Moss being cancelled the same day people find out she exists”

Like we said, they went in!

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