Kanye West SLAMMED For Selling New Yeezy Gap Collection Out Of TRASH BAGS!

There’s nothing like digging through a trash bag to buy a fancy new hoodie — said no one ever!

Kanye West is taking a lot of heat after demanding his new Yeezy Gap collection be sold out of literal trash bags! On Monday, fans of the rapper were shocked to learn that the 45-year-old reportedly insisted his pricey clothing be displayed inside the massive bags instead of hung on racks in the popular clothing store. Now, this decision is drawing major backlash from potential buyers and those upset with the extra work employees will have to put in to maintain the unusual presentation!

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Earlier this week, one fan snapped a photo inside Gap showing four HUGE totes with clothing pouring out the top. The Twitter user explained:

“This is how they are selling Yeezy GAP. The sales associate said Ye got mad when he saw they had it on hangers and this is how he wanted it. They won’t help you find ur size too, you just have to dig through everything.”


That sounds like a nightmare for shoppers and staff!! Those piles would turn into an instant mess — not to mention the clothes would get dirty by constantly falling to the floor as people try to find their size. Unfortunately, it seems like this is about to be a nationwide issue! More images of Yeezy’s Gap collection have hit the internet, and they all look odd AF! Check it out:

It’s unclear why Ye is so set on this display, but before the trash bags hit the internet, he suggested he takes his “inspiration for design” from children and the homeless, writing on Instagram:

“Look to the children
Look to the homeless
As the biggest inspiration for design”

Hmm. Was he trying to call attention to the homeless problem across the country? Because if there’s a social issue behind the design, then, sure, we could get on board with that! But if not, it doesn’t really make sense! Followers seem to be thinking the same thing. Discussing the presentation for the collection (which includes items ranging from $60 to $300), Twitter users joked:

“Kanye got people thrifting at Gap”

“Bargain bin style”

“Yeah looks really fun digging through a giant pile of clothes, laundry is so fun”

“This gotta be a social experiment”

One user slammed Kanye for using the homeless as “fashion muses,” arguing:

Balenciaga & Kanye’s fetish with the homeless as ‘fashion muses’ it’s everything that is wrong with billionaires…they no longer see the plight of people, they don’t see humans that are suffering, they see opportunities to be ‘edgy’ and profit from it…it’s disgusting”

They have a point!

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Others are upset for Gap’s employees who will now have to deal with crap from upset Karens and the mess of the arrangements! But they also pointed out the fact that Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband used to work at the Gap when he was a teenager — a job he openly hated. So, this could all just be an elaborate way to get payback! Users mused:

“Workin at Yeezy Gap is gonna be Hell”

“Kanye literally worked at The Gap. He knows what he’s doing to those employees.”

“Kanye has a whole song about how much he hated working at the Gap. Why would he make Gap employees’ lives harder?”

“Whole store is about to look like laundry baskets threw up. They’re gonna have one cashier and everybody else doing recovery.”

In 2004, the songwriter released the song Spaceship which featured a line about his current business partner, he rapped:

“Let’s go back, back to the Gap, Look at my check, wasn’t no scratch…”

In 2015, he opened up about his customer service job in an interview with Paper Magazine, explaining:

“When I was working at the Gap at 15, I don’t think I had any desire to actually make clothes, but I always felt like that’s what I wanted to be around. I loved the fabrics, I loved the colors, I loved the proportions. Abercrombie was too expensive for me and the Gap was too expensive for me.”

What a full circle moment to be selling clothes there now, if only the display didn’t look like a pile of s**t! LOLz! Thoughts? Do you like the unique display or would it drive you crazy trying to shop out of that?! Sound OFF (below)!

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