Kanye West Says He Wants To ‘Change The Narrative’ After Changing Instagram Pic To WHAT?!

Kanye West is trying to “change the narrative.”

That’s what he’s saying right now, at least. We’re wondering how long this new peaceful vibe in his emotions towards ex Kim Kardashian and her family is going to last. And also what is prompting this good behavior?!

On Wednesday night, the 45-year-old rapper took to Instagram to share a new change in his social media presence. As it turned out, the superstar has altered is IG profile pic — to one of momager Kris Jenner! Huh?!

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Yep, the 66-year-old’s current IG profile pic is now the one Ye is using, as well. It’s a bit of a strange change, and likely to at least cause a few double takes among followers of both figures. Why do this? Is it a weird shade? There’s no way Kris could be comfortable with it, right? No one wants their IG feed confused with Ye’s…

Hours after making the alteration to his now post-less IG profile, the Hurricane rapper finally explained his reasoning in a new Stories post. The Praise God hitmaker wrote to fans:



Peace and respect it is then! We can certainly get behind that, in theory!

You can see the IG Stories confirmation (below):

Kanye West Says He Wants To 'Change The Narrative' After Changing Instagram Pic To WHAT?!
Ye speaks! And it’s… good?! / (c) Kanye West/Instagram

Well then. At least he means it in a good way? We think? Forgive us if we’re just a little skeptical of this nice run Kanye is on. We mean, he’s the one who created the first “narrative” with his prolific and aggressive IG rants about Kim, Kris, his kids’ schooling, Pete Davidson, and everything else under the sun! Just saying!!

Still, it’s never too late to turn a new leaf, so let’s hope this lasts!

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If you don’t believe us (or if he quietly changes his pic back to something other than his ex’s mom!), ch-ch-check out Ye’s profile as it stands on Thursday morning (below):

Kanye West Says He Wants To 'Change The Narrative' After Changing Instagram Pic To WHAT?!
Definitely didn’t think you’d see THAT profile pic pop up, did ya? / (c) Kanye West/Instagram

Very, very… unexpected, that’s for sure.

It’ll be interesting to see how — or even if — the SKIMS mogul and her family respond to this. As Perezcious readers will recall, during one of Ye’s recent rants about Kris, he posted purported text messages between himself and Kim.

In one text, Kim appears to tell her ex that Kris was very stressed about Ye’s aggressive IG messages, and the momager wanted him to stop posting:

“Tell him to please stop mentioning my name. I’m almost 67 years old and I don’t always feel great and this stresses me to no end.”

Amid the fallout from that testy exchange, an insider spoke up, claiming the 67-year-old did not want to escalate things with Ye:

“Kris thought that Kanye was way out of line for what he said about her. Kris has done nothing but try to help Kanye and mediate the tension between him and Kim. Kris is really hurt by his comments, and she let him know this. … That is the last thing she wants, or needs, at this time. Kim is the mother of his kids and Kris thinks that needs to respect her and keep the kids out of it.”

Of course, Kris and Kanye seemed to have a pretty solid relationship throughout his time with Kim. So all the new tension was certainly shocking. But will the narrative really change with this profile pic update?? Or nah?!

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