Kanye West Reacts To Balenciaga Ending Their Working Relationship With Him Amid Controversies

Apparently, Kanye West isn’t too concerned about fashion brands severing ties from him amid his string of controversies.

As you know, the Gold Digger artist has been in hot water ever since he wore a “White Lives Matter” tee, went on antisemitic rants, including threatening to go “death con 3 on Jewish people,” and spreading misinformation about George Floyd’s death. Multiple brands have since ended their working relationship with him including Vogue and Balenciaga. The fashion house told Women’s Wear Daily on Friday that they have “no longer any relationship nor any plans for future projects related to this artist.”

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Following his 9-year-old daughter North West’s basketball game on Friday night, the 45-year-old rapper addressed Balenciaga dumping him, telling TMZ he didn’t think it was a big deal:

“I ain’t losing no money. They never pay me nothing. … The day I was taken off the Balenciaga site, that was one of the most freeing days.”

Kanye also noted that everyone cutting ties with him is just trying “to score points,” mentioning the fact that LeBron James’ business partner Maverick Carter pulled his episode of The Shop and the Drink Champs podcast removed its interview from YouTube. He suggested to the outlet that everyone is being asked “to not do business with” him right now since they’re “trying to mute” him. And unsurprisingly, Kanye went on to double down on his antisemitic comments, saying:

“I want to talk about the Jewish comment, it’s actually proven the exact point that I made. … They never expected someone to have the platform. It’s not that anyone is afraid, they’re afraid of us not being afraid anymore. They can’t use all the tactics. I’m talking about my life has been threatened for having a political opinion. To wear the wrong color hat or the audacity of me as a black man to have a White Lives Matter T-shirt. I’ve seen white people wearing Black Lives Matter T-shirts. it’s pretty one-sided if you think about it.”

So much for that so-called apology he made on Piers Morgan Uncensored…  The Yeezy fashion designer then had the audacity to say his vile comments have been meant to unite everyone, saying:

“It’s going to take all of us to come together. We gotta get the truth before we can get the love if not we are just loving the lies. …”

Is Ye serious?! And despite being dropped by multiple brands, Kanye says he cannot be canceled, adding:

“We here. We ain’t going nowhere, baby.”

We cannot say we’re surprised that Kanye continued to double down on his remarks. Thoughts on his response, Perezcious readers? Let us know.

[Image via Piers Morgan Uncensored/YouTube]

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