Kanye West & Ray J Reunite Alongside Kid Rock At Candace Owens’ George Floyd Documentary Premiere

What a weird and troubling celebrity trio…

Kanye West popped up in Nashville on Wednesday night at the red carpet premiere of Candace Owens‘ documentary The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM. That alone should make you roll your eyes in disgust. But it gets even weirder from there — because Ye wasn’t the only interesting celeb to show out.

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Joining the rapper at the red carpet event were two other characters: Ray J and Kid Rock. Yes, really. What would those three even talk about?? Well…

According to TMZ, the event was supposed to start at 6:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday night. However, it was delayed when Ye didn’t show “for more than two hours after the scheduled slot.” Diva behavior! When the Jesus Walks rapper finally did get there, he posed with both Kim’s ex and the Detroit-born rap-rocker for paparazzi photos.

Insiders told the outlet that Owens worked hard behind the scenes to set this thing up. And for her, putting Ye and Ray J together was very, very intentional. After all, both men have their own dramatic history with Kim Kardashian. And the news org cites sources who say Candace specifically did all this “in an attempt to scorn” the reality TV star.

Candace has been on one lately regarding the SKIMS founder. Earlier this week, the right-wing pundit released a recently-unearthed old voicemail Kim sent to Ray J from back when he was dating Whitney Houston. Kim isn’t happy in the audio clip (you can hear it HERE), but it’s not quite the bombshell Candace made it out to be on her show. We love re-stirring old drama and all, but that one was a dud.

Regardless, there’s a deeper play being made here. TMZ also reports the Daily Wire host has supposedly been working as Kanye’s “chief advisor in his day-to-day life” for several weeks. For one, the outlet cited insiders who claim Ye and Candace planned for a while to wear those “White Lives Matter” shirts at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month. Owens has also allegedly been “reaching out to people on Kanye’s behalf, working to set up calls, meetings and appearances” for the Hurricane rapper. So, is she like his manager now, or something?!

People who have long been close to Kanye are grumbling about that. The news org reported some former confidants of the Life of Pablo artist have “distanced themselves” from him after those alarming “death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE” comments and other recent acts. Now into that apparent void, it would seem, Owens has stepped.

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Sources say Ye is “in a bad space mentally.” Which, yeah. We’ve been reporting about that. But it gets worse now, because TMZ also cryptically noted how “anyone working to persuade him to do anything other than get help doesn’t have his best interests at heart.” One insider straight-up told the news org:

“Anyone taking money from him is taking advantage of him.”

It’s not clear Candace is being paid as an official advisor or anything at this point. But even so, that same source is concerned about the influence she may hold over the rapper at this stage in his life:

“She’s gonna run him into the ground.”


Looking beyond just Candace, another source was frustrated by Ye’s endless issues. Concerned about how the rapper’s reputation has fallen, the insider worried:

“Kanye cannot get out of his own damn way, which is the root of every issue personally and professionally.”

All the while, Ye spent his Wednesday night with Ray J and Kid Rock. Says it all… Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

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