Kanye West Has Gone Too Far Even For His Hero Donald Trump!

Donald Trump used to make Kanye West feel like a superhero. Now even the controversial former president is looking at the artist like he’s gone off the deep end.

Over the weekend Ye quadrupled down on his antisemitic beliefs in a new interview on the Drink Champs podcast. Among many outrageous statements, he promoted the view that Jewish people run all media and “have owned the Black voice.” We won’t beat around the bush here. These are classic neo-Nazi sentiments. He even blamed “Jewish Zionists” for making ex Kim Kardashian talk about having sex with Pete Davidson on TV.

We guess this is what he meant by saying he was going to go “death con 3.” (BTW, does anyone think he knows it’s actually DEFCON and was trying to sound more intimidating with a turn of phrase? Or just has no idea what he’s saying?)

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In any case, this all is too much even for the main guy he’s been praising throughout all this. Rolling Stone spoke to two sources close to Trump who said he’s been saying to people privately that he thinks Ye needs to tone it down because he’s acting too “crazy” and needs professional “help” — his words, apparently.

Not only did Ye say Trump was being held back by people like Jared Kushner, he also claimed he was told he’d be killed for wearing the stupid MAGA hat. As if that’s actually happened to anyone. But as we’ve seen lately, persecution has been a beloved haven of conservatives, the alt-right, and of course white supremacists — who actually think they deserve sympathy for being fired from their jobs and otherwise discriminated against. For being f**king Nazis.

Another source said Trump was at first flattered by all the praise and persecution complex. Ohio pastor Darrell Scott told the outlet:

“Two minutes after the Tucker segment ended, I called up Trump and asked him, ‘So, what did you think?’”

Trump at first said simply, “…Interesting.” But then, Scott claims:

“But then [Trump] said, ‘I will say this — he loves Trump!’ and he and I both laughed. I jokingly told him we’ll see what your poll numbers look like in the morning and we had [another] good laugh over it.”

Regarding Kanye throwing his son-in-law Jared “under the bus,” Trump allegedly said:

“Well, these things happen sometimes.”

Yeah, so let’s be clear here: no one is saying Trump was actually horrified by the horrifying things Kanye is saying. He’s strategically distancing himself from them.

Even Trump understands that when it comes to white supremacy, you have to dog whistle, not shout. In other words, be an Elon Musk, not a Kanye West. At first, many conservatives were cheering on Kanye’s “independent thinking”, especially after his Tucker Carlson interview. But as he went on they got quiet, some even deleting their tweets. That was especially true after it was revealed Tucker had heavily edited that interview to take out the most outrageous remarks — such as the claim his children had been replaced by fake actors. You know, the kind of context that might have clued viewers in about the exact state of the man they were listening to. After that came out, only the most fringe conservatives were still cheering on Ye.

Kanye West is apparently serious about running for President...

Trump, who is still apparently hoping to run for president again in 2024 — despite mounting legal issues — knows enough not to come right out and say “Jews control the media.” Kanye’s babbling is the kind of antisemitism you can’t pretend is something else. It’s not necessarily that Trump expects Jewish votes — in fact he was just complaining on his Truth Social on Sunday how he doesn’t get the support he wants:

“No President has done more for Israel than I have. Somewhat surprisingly, however, our wonderful Evangelicals are far more appreciative of this than the people of the Jewish faith, especially those living in the U.S.”

See, Evangelical Christians — a HUGE cornerstone of Trump supporters despite his being the literal exact opposite of everything Jesus preached — are obsessed about Jewish people having control of Israel because it’s part of their doomsday prophecy. So Trump can’t just come out against Jewish people the way he has against Mexicans and other immigrants his base doesn’t care about.

So Trump instead is talking about everything BUT Kanye. We suspect that in public he’ll continue to never outright approve OR deny what the Jesus Walks rapper is saying. Like he did with the KKK‘s endorsement and is still doing with QAnon. Strictly as a political move, of course.

What do YOU think Trump thinks of Kanye’s comments??

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