Kanye West Documentary Shelved Amid Antisemitic Comments — Even After It’s Already Been Filmed

An already-completed documentary about Kanye West has been shelved — and the production company behind the film is now speaking out against the rapper following his antisemitic comments.

MRC announced on Monday they are shelving their documentary focusing on Ye’s public-facing life and career amid his unacceptable comments about Jewish people. The company had already filmed it and was set to distribute the documentary, but they no longer wish to stand by Ye’s actions.

This comes on the heels of Ye being dropped by fashion label Balenciaga in recent days amid his ongoing controversies on social media and in television interviews.

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As far as the documentary dismissal goes, MRC shared an open letter with The Wrap outlining their decision. The production company’s founders — Mordecai Wiczyk and Asif Satchu, and CEO Scott Tenley — wrote in the letter:

“This morning, after discussion with our filmmakers and distribution partners, we made the decision not to proceed with any distribution for our recently completed documentary about Kanye West. We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform.”

And they continued:

“Lies are an important part of all discrimination, and this one is no different. When well crafted, they create the illusion that the action is just, that the bigot is ‘punching up’ at the victim. It’s critical to antisemites, who must explain why they are attacking a people that comprise less than half of one percent of the world’s population. Not a fair fight, numbers wise. But if the Jews are ultra-powerful because of secret evil plots, well, the argument is, it must be fair and OK.”

The letter also criticized other leaders and corporations who have thus far not taken action in walking away from Ye.

The founders seemed to shade Adidas over their refusal thus far to cut ties with the rapper, saying:

“The silence from leaders and corporations when it comes to Kanye or anti-Semitism in general is dismaying but not surprising. What is new and sad, is the fear Jews have about speaking out in their own defense.”

You can read the full letter HERE.

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