Kanye West Calls Joe Biden The R-Word On Live TV While Caping For Elon Musk

Kanye West made some very disturbing comments about Joe Biden during an interview with Piers Morgan on Wednesday.

The 45-year-old rapper also refused to apologize for his earlier anti-Semitic remarks. And when Piers called him on that, Ye only walked back regret over the “confusion” he caused with his earlier “death con 3 on the Jewish people” commentary. Ye was discussing America’s commander-in-chief on Piers Morgan Uncensored when he criticized Biden for not meeting with burnt hair fragrance pusher Elon Musk for advice.

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While slamming the Delaware native for avoiding whatever political counsel the Space X founder might have, the controversial celeb used some extremely derogatory language, telling Piers:

“One percent of the world are placed in power, and 99 percent of the world are the audience. So that one percent of the world, this idea of a United Nations, this is the world that needs to come together. This is the world that, I mean, here’s the obvious go-to: Biden doesn’t listen to Elon Musk. The President of the United States does not have meetings with Elon Musk. That is f**kng — hey, here, come, come get me. That’s f**king r*******.”

Then Ye continued by trying to excuse away his own offensive comments in the moment. Claiming he can say whatever he wants because he’s been “deemed with mental health,” the Hurricane rapper added:

“I know I’m not supposed to say that, Biden, but that’s f**king r*******, Biden. And obviously, because I’ve been deemed with mental health and all this, I have the right to use whatever words that I like to use. Ask another question.”


While Kim Kardashian‘s ex was bizarrely smiling the whole time he made those disturbing remarks, Piers was not. To his credit, the British broadcaster immediately pushed back against his guest using that hurtful language on live TV:

“You just said something very inflammatory about President Biden. It will, as you know, offend a lot of people. And it will particularly offend people who work in mental health, who say ‘you should not use a word like r*******.’”

You can watch the full, alarming exchange (below):

Elsewhere in the interview, Piers also called out Kanye for his prior shocking comments about Jewish people. And as we’ve reported, the performer showed no interest in backing off of his anti-Semitic remarks, instead calling himself a “freedom fighter” and saying he was “fighting fire with fire.”

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ICYMI from late on Wednesday night, you can see the full interview between Piers and Ye (below):

He just won’t stop. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Think Elon is feeling proud of his “friend” for defending him like this?

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