Kanye West Back On Twitter As Pal Elon Musk Takes Over — See What Other Changes The New Owner Has Brought!

Well, it happened. Elon Musk actually took ownership of Twitter. We’d love to say everyone was worried over nothing, but… certainly some big changes are already afoot. And they’re not exactly reassuring.

First off, the billionaire’s friend Kanye West is back. Elon notably welcomed back the controversial rapper to the social media site just three weeks ago. And a day later Ye was already suspended after tweeting that he was “going death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE.” At the time, Twitter’s spokesperson wouldn’t comment on how long the restriction would last. Given his persistent antisemitic rantings in TV interviews ever since, one would think the site would be rightfully wary of more hate speech if they let him back. But maybe new boss Musk just doesn’t care because his account seems to have been restored completely as of Friday, just hours after Elon took over.

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Can’t wait for all the harassment of his estranged wife, the Jewish people, and anyone who disagrees with him. Yay.

As for what else has happened in the first few hours of Elon taking over? CEO Parag Agrawal, CFO Ned Segal, general counsel Sean Edgett, and legal policy exec Vijaya Gadde were fired. The four are expected to receive generous severance packages, so-called “golden parachutes” that add up to over $200 million all told.

But the most interesting story here is Gadde. She was reportedly instrumental in the decision to permanently suspend another infamous user: Donald Trump.

Seems like a decent indicator of where Twitter might be headed soon. Elon said he wanted to make it “warm and welcoming to all.” Seems like that might mean even folks who are spreading dangerous misinformation, deadly conspiracy theories, and monstrous hate speech. Can we really say we’re surprised after all his own white supremacist dog whistling? #great #justgreat

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