Kaitlin Armstrong — Yoga Teacher Suspected In Murder Of Pro Cyclist In Jealous Rage — May Be Doing THIS To Fool Cops!!

An Austin, Texas yoga teacher accused of murdering a professional cyclist has seemingly vanished without a trace — but one private detective thinks he knows exactly where she’s been hiding!

If you haven’t been following the case, Kaitlin Armstrong (above) has been on the run for over a month. She disappeared days after being questioned by police in the death of Moriah “Mo” Wilson, who was found dead from multiple gunshot wounds — hours after she went swimming with Armstrong’s boyfriend, Colin Strickland.

The 34-year-old was brought in for questioning by police on May 12, 2022 a day after the 25-year-old cyclist was reportedly shot dead. Despite the fact they suspected her, she was released on a technicality. Then, well, she apparently vanished into thin air!

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On May 14, Kaitlin was seen leaving LaGuardia Airport in New York City. A warrant was issued for her arrest three days later, but the fitness professional hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

As the search for the fugitive continues, private investigator Jason Jensen told The US Sun he thinks there’s a good chance the yogi has altered her appearance to stay hidden from police — and might just be using an alias, too.

Jensen said he believes Kaitlin may be going by “Christine Armstrong” — which is the name of her younger sister, who has a registered address in Austin. He said the evidence to support this theory is pretty obvious: according to documents the PI has obtained, a person identifying themselves as “Christine Armstrong” registered for a driver’s license in New York just three days after Kaitlin was last spotted.

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Moreover, the address listed on that license is apparently the location of a Haven For Humanity wellness center in Livingston Manor, New York. On Haven for Humanity’s website, Christine is listed as a communications representative. A rep for the wellness center told the outlet Christine is a volunteer for the company and is currently residing at its Camp Haven compound. However, the rep declined to clarify when Christine arrived at the wellness center.

Innerestingly, an unnamed camper told Fox News that he had seen Kaitlin at Camp Haven around a month ago, and has seen Christine at the campsite in the past as well. He said of Kaitlin:

“She was [here] a while back. Right before the whole thing blew up.”

Jensen said the timing of everything seems more than fishy, telling the publication:

“I mean, are you kidding me? The last place Kaitlin was cited was at New York LaGuardia Airport on May 14th and just three days after that, an address pops up in New York state in Christine’s name. What are the odds that you see Kaitlin in New York, and three days later, Kaitlin’s sister has a new license and address listed in New York?”

He elaborated:

“Kaitlin is either traveling under the name of Christine and using it to get a temporary address somewhere, or her sister could be helping her out by establishing that temporary address up there. It makes you wonder if Kaitlin borrowed or stole a passport or some form of ID from Christine before she left Austin and has now used it to get a New York state license with her photo on it.”

If that did end up happening, Jensen said Kaitlin would be allowed to “travel around as Christine and go undetected.”

But Jensen is hoping to prevent all that. The PI has notified the US Marshal Service and the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office to the potential lead; however, he has yet to hear back.

Do U think Kaitlin is posing as her sister?

[Image via US Marshals]

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