Kailyn Lowry Says Fans Must ‘Earn’ Her Story After Reports Reveal She Kept Birth Of 5th Son A Secret!

Kailyn Lowry doesn’t owe you s**t!!!

Sure, fans may be wondering what is going on after reports surfaced this week about her supposed secret pregnancy and childbirth. But whether or not the Teen Mom 2 alum actually welcomed her fifth son into the world late least year is none of your business. So she says, at least, in biting new comments on her podcast!

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As Perezcious readers will recall, on Thursday, we reported on the MTV alum’s alleged secret childbirth. Insiders claim Kailyn and boyfriend Elijah Scott welcomed a baby boy in November of last year. That would be a major surprise, because Lowry never announced or revealed she was pregnant. And it appears she has since gone to great lengths in social media posts to keep that alleged baby boy a secret from prying digital eyes!

But whether or not she does now have a fifth son in the fold, she says she doesn’t owe it to any of her longtime fans to let them know! Sorry ’bout it, followers. But Kailyn’s story isn’t yours to just hear. You’ve got to EARN IT first!!

On Thursday, Kailyn released a brand new episode of her Coffee Convos podcast in which she spoke with longtime co-host Lindsie Chrisley about living life in the public eye. To be fair to these two, we totally get how reality TV fame and social media notoriety can both really suck. But the way the mom of four (or five??) boys went about addressing that on the podcast was maaaaaybe not the greatest move.

The key part of the convo began with Lindsie explaining how she is “embracing where she’s at” amid her famous family’s fraud scandal. The 33-year-old woman explained she is currently “feeling a responsibility” to share her side of the story with loyal listeners and followers through that. But Kailyn is NOT at that same place in her life right now.

Lowry didn’t reference her alleged newborn baby boy, but she give a jaw-dropping take: she will only share her story with people who “have earned the right” to hear it, and those “who deserve to hear it.” Girl… what?! Kailyn explained:

“I did an interview with Dr. Ish, he’s a psychiatrist, and he was saying, basically share when you’re ready, but also share with people who deserve to hear it, you know what I mean? [People] who have earned the right to hear kind of what you have to say or what your story is or whatever it is you’re going through. Don’t share it with people who don’t earn it.”

To be fair, for Lowry, it sounds like her past experience on Teen Mom 2 continues to affect how she now views sharing her life story with the public. And with as much toxicity as exists on social media around reality stars, we kind of get it.

Kailyn went on to add:

“I never felt in control of my story [on MTV]. I would say towards the middle of that whole experience and all the way up until the end, I didn’t feel in control of my story, and I also felt like I had so much experience about how it could be perceived, so it was a mix of not having control, how it would be perceived, and as you know, just fitting it into such a very short timeline to make it make sense cuts a lot of corners.”

And while she didn’t reference Elijah or the couple’s reported infant at all, she did say that “even now” after leaving MTV’s long-running Teen Mom franchise last May, she is still very careful about giving out info:

“Even now, sometimes I feel like this is the narrative that was given, so I might as well fit the mold.”


As we’ve noted, we kind of get it. On the one hand, Kailyn has lived in the public pressure cooker for a long time on Teen Mom 2 and across social media. And she’s given out plenty of deets to fans about her life, her romances, and her four other sons. So she certainly has a right to privacy at some point. Doesn’t she??

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On the other, she’s still living very much in public! She’s still doing a podcast and selling ads on her Instagram, all from her MTV fame. Is it hypocritical to try to get all the positives from being a reality star while trying to keep everyone out of your reality? Or is she right and what she chooses to share is up to her??

What do U think of Kailyn’s comments tho, Perezcious readers?? Are you with her about only divulging details to people in your life who “deserve” them? Or are you not feeling this angle at all?! Sound OFF with your take on everything down in the comments (below)…

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