Julia Fox’s Dad Sends Serious Apology Letter To NYC Neighbors After Actress’ Brother Was Arrested On Ghost Gun & Drug Charges!

Julia Fox‘s father is speaking out after the actress’ brother was arrested in a shocking New York Police Department raid.

As we’ve been reporting, the star’s 30-year-old bro Christopher Fox was arrested on illegal weapons manufacturing and drug possession charges last Wednesday. He is accused of piecing together “ghost guns” — untraceable guns made from disparate parts that don’t have serial numbers — as well as possessing and manufacturing several illegal drugs in the Upper East Side Manhattan apartment he shares with his 65-year-old father.

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Now, Thomas Fox is speaking out about his son’s alleged activities inside their building. In a letter sent out this week to other tenants and neighbors in the high-rise, Thomas apologized for his son’s arrest. The letter, obtained by DailyMail.com and published on Wednesday afternoon, began like this:

“I am Thomas Fox, the father of Chris Fox. I wish to apologize for what you all went through. What happened was traumatic for all concerned, and I am deeply sorry you all were exposed to the fallout from this horrible event.”

Thomas claimed the media “exaggerated” the charges against his adult son for maximum shock value. Then, he cryptically warned neighbors that the full truth would soon come out:

“The media has exaggerated the alleged crimes they accuse my son of doing. I too was astounded and shocked by what they spread on the days after this happened. I understand your justified response of outrage, and anger toward me and my family members. In your shoes I would react the same way. Perhaps when you know the truth, you will revise your opinion to reflect the actual reality. At this time, I can not comment on anything pertaining to the case.”


Thomas also revealed that the building’s HOA board has forbade Christopher from going back onto the property. The embattled father concluded the letter with that and more:

“You are all concerned for your safety and those of your children. to share your concerns. My understanding is that Chris will not be allowed to enter the building, as stipulated by the Board, which my family will abide by. Once again, I want to say how sorry I am to everyone who lives and works in the building that this unfortunate event took place.”


Christopher was sprung from Rikers Island on Monday after the Uncut Gems star put up $450,000 in bail money — co-signed alongside her estranged father — to have her brother released.

As we’ve noted, Julia reportedly cut both her father and brother out of her life a long time ago. Still, the arrest and ensuing public outcry certainly can’t be easy for her. And the nearly half-a-million bucks in bail money is a serious thing, too.

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As for Christopher, his arraignment late last week brought shocking new claims from law enforcement. Prosecutors at the hearing rattled off a laundry list of items the NYPD allegedly found in the apartment, including: 3D printed gun silencers, high capacity bullet magazines, an illegal pistol with ammunition, “numerous” 3D-printed machine gun parts, fentanyl, pressure cookers, chloroform, heroin, explosive-making materials, a pill press, formaldehyde, and “a large amount of cash.”

Assistant District Attorney Cyril Heron laid out the prosecution’s allegations in the arraignment late last week:

“Between March 2018 and December 2022, the defendant purchased at least 190 ghost gun items, totaling over $7,600, all of these items were sent to the defendant’s home.”

Heron added:

“In addition, over $8,000 in cash was recovered. Notably, the NYPD did not recover a substantial number of the items reflected in his purchase history, which indicates that he has manufactured ghost guns and sold them. The defendant possessed enough gun parts to assemble an assault weapon-style rifle.”

Per multiple media reports, cops claim Chris took in more than $345,000 in profits from illegal guns sold via CashApp between early 2020 and January 2023. Jeez!

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Now, the case will continue to wind its way through court. From here, it’ll be on the prosecution to prove these allegations beyond a reasonable doubt.

So crazy…

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