Julia Fox Was Attacked With A Machete Holding The Birkin Kanye West Bought Her?!

Julia Fox: actress, artist… MACHETE attack survivor?!

In a shocking new TikTok, the 32-year-old model revealed an absolutely crazy run-in she and her Birkin had with someone wielding a machete! She started off the Wednesday post by considering whether or not she should even tell the story, playfully asking, “Shall we? I think so,” while flipping her brunette locks over her shoulder.

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She then cut to a shot of her luxury bag, explaining:

“So I love her, um, but she’s been through a lot!”

The bag it looks to be the same $10,000 Birkin Kanye West gifted her back in February for her birthday — you know, one of the five he handed out as party favors! We said at the time it was a potentially dangerous gift — though we could not have imagined what happened next…

In her video, Julia zoomed in on the backside of the bag where a slice through the material can CLEARLY be seen, revealing: 

“I know it’s a little hard to see there, but she was actually attacked by a machete.”

We’re sorry, WHAT?! The TikTok then cut back to a selfie view of Julia, where she added:

“I’m not kidding. That actually happened to this bag, and me.”

She then showed the bag again, focusing in on some of it’s additional war wounds, explaining: 

“You can see a little bit of from where the machete slipped and hit the side of the bag, too. There’s a few more little – I don’t know, I don’t even know how I f**king managed to like – you know, I was holding onto this Birkin with my life!”

THAT’S SO SCARY!!! Imagine someone coming at you with a machete??! Imagine the type of person who both carries an implement like that and can identify the particular shape and high quality stitching of such a luxury bag. While Julia didn’t give much context for the incident, fans quickly rushed to the comments, wondering what exactly happened: 

“julia why were you attacked by a machete”

“?!!!! OMGGG”


“Are u gonna skip over the machete story or”

“skipped the main story and gave us the side plot. don’t change”

“Guuurrrrlllll! That is a selling point!”

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See the full post (below):


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PLEASE, don’t attempt this at home, or count on your own Birkin to shield you from any blades — by the looks of it, Julia got very lucky! We hope whoever attacked her was apprehended and brought to justice, and that she doesn’t have too much long-term fear going forward! The only question is: does she retire the bag, or keep using it as a badge of bravery??

ANYWAYS, what are YOUR thoughts on the story, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

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