Joy Behar STILL Shading Meghan McCain Off-Camera At The View!

Even though Meghan McCain has been off The View for months, Joy Behar just can’t help but keep their epic feud going!

According to The Sun on Thursday, the 79-year-old comedian took a moment to slam Meghan during an off-camera moment on the daytime talk show last month. It all started after the live segment of Hot Topics during a Tuesday, July 16 episode of the series. The hosts that day — Joy, Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, and Sunny Hostin — did a fun Q&A with the audience while some pre-recorded footage played.

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An eyewitness told the outlet one of the audience members applauded the ladies for being able to argue and still be respectful of one another despite having different views on certain subject matters. That’s when Joy replied that the four hosts try their best to stay on topic and not head into “personal territory” during these debates before adding in some not-so-subtle shade:

“Unlike some people!”

Yeah, a pretty clear dig at Meghan. As viewers know, the two frequently got into some intense disagreements due to their different views on politics and culture over the years. But their on-air feud really exploded after Joy’s icy response to Meghan returning from maternity leave in January 2021. As you may recall, on the 37-year-old’s second day back on The View, she jokingly said to her co-host that she “must have missed her” while she was away for three months. To which Joy fired back:

“I did not. I did not miss you. Zero.”


This shocking moment became one of the reasons Meghan decided to leave the show in 2021. She later told Variety that she actually broke down in tears during the commercial break afterward, plus had a panic attack and threw up in her office when the episode finished. She recalled:

“I had postpartum anxiety. When I was back, I was really nervous. It was like starting TV all over again. I felt unsteady. I was trying to make a joke, ‘You missed me so much.’ If you watch the clip, her reaction is very sharp. I can’t explain what it felt like. The people in the room with me in the D.C. bureau, there was a sound engineer and the hair and makeup artists. The sound woman looked shell-shocked at what she’d seen.”

When asked by the outlet if Joy ever apologized, she said:

“I asked for an apology from our executive producer and her producer. They said she wouldn’t do it. I don’t know if they asked her. She might have hated me.”

Clearly, the ladies have not been on the best terms for years — and their relationship (or lack thereof) has not improved now that Meghan is no longer at the table. We mean, they even got into an argument on Twitter over the author wishing her husband, Ben Domenech, a happy Valentine’s Day! So it’s likely no amount of time or distance will end the feud between Joy and Meghan.

BTW, according to the witness, the crowd was on Joy’s side — they cheered and applauded at the shady response. Considering Meghan was often blasted by The View fans specifically for her inability to peacefully express her opinions, we can’t say we’re all that surprised.

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