Johnny Depp’s Star Lawyer Camille Vasquez Is A COVER GIRL — Look!

Quite a few well known names and faces came up during Johnny Depp’s defamation trial against Amber Heard — but the breakout star of the courtroom was undoubtedly the actor’s attorney, Camille Vasquez.

After expertly grilling Amber during the actress’ cross-examination, Vasquez won over social media, with some dubbing her the “queen of cross-examination” and others even calling for her to become the first woman president!

Weeks after she helped Johnny win his lawsuit — which effectively saved his Hollywood career — Camille posed for her very first magazine cover with HOLA! USA magazine, and opened up about how the biggest trial of the year unfolded from her perspective.

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When asked how she became part of the litigation team, the California native, who joined the international law firm Brown Rudnick in 2018, told the mag:

“I’ve worked for Johnny [Depp] for the last four and a half years. I’ve worked on all the matters that the firm has handled. And when we filed this case, I think it was just a natural fit for me to take the leading role. I was one of the few women on the team initially. And having an experience with Johnny and knowing his background, his story, and knowing him made sense to staff me on this case… Ben [Benjamin Chew] and I worked closely, and then I started recruiting different people at the firm that I thought could bring a different perspective and other skills, individual skills. We have some fantastic writers; we have some strategic thinkers. And it just turned into this magical team of lawyers that we can work with.”

That magical team of lawyers expertly maneuvered through the six-week trial, mesmerizing not only those watching at home, but the jurors as well — one of which recently opened up about how “sharp” Depp’s team was.

Johnny wasn’t in court on the day the verdict was delivered, but Camille explained that the legal team was keeping themselves entertained during jury deliberation by playing an “intense” round of Monopoly inside a break room they had set up near the courtroom. She recalled:

“When we got a notification that the verdict would be read, we were in a very intense game of Monopoly. And despite how intense it was, we quickly threw all our money. And then we had a little dance party to get our wiggles out… And then we get the verdict.”

Camille said the team “immediately” called up Johnny to celebrate the good news, adding:

“We FaceTimed him; he was so relieved, so happy, and grateful. It was nice to see him smile. A mutual friend of ours and I were speaking, and he said, ‘I haven’t seen Johnny smile like that in six years.’ And it’s true. There’s a piece to him now that he just didn’t have before. He was able to tell his story and was infinitely grateful; he was moved. We all were. I still get a bit emotional about it —to give him his life back.”

But the drama wasn’t over yet. Camille revealed that the elevator broke on her way outside to deliver an official statement to the press!

She shared:

“It’s overwhelmingly positive for Johnny [Depp], and we immediately got him on the phone. So we collected ourselves, and Ben and I decided we should go outside. Then when we were inside the elevator —it was a very warm day on the court, and we were heading downstairs, it broke! We thought we would be stuck there, and thankfully the boys managed to push the door, and we got off downstairs. So we were able to give the statement; it was a day I’ll never forget.”

Of course, the unforgettable experiences didn’t stop there. Camille explained that the worldwide attention on her amid the trial has been “surreal” and “a tad overwhelming.” She mused:

“It’s been a surreal experience and, if I’m being honest, a tad overwhelming. And something I wasn’t prepared for. I was just doing my job. I had a feeling that because of the client and the nature of the case, it would kind of turn into something bigger than itself, but the attention to the legal team — on me specifically — has been interesting.”

But the lawyer is taking it all in stride, and hopes to use her newfound notoriety to inspire other women — particularly Hispanic women and Latinas — to follow their dreams.

Now, that’s a stance we can get behind! Click here to read Cami’s full interview.

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