Jenny McCarthy Says There Were ‘No Orgies’ During Her Time At Playboy — It Was ‘Like Catholic School’!

Well, this is a different take.

In the pantheon of Playboy Playmates, Jenny McCarthy is certainly one of the most famous names of all time. After her time as a model in the men’s mag she went on to star in movies and host TV shows. So naturally someone was eventually going to ask her about the latest controversies surrounding Hugh Hefner and his empire. What’s surprising is her answers!

The Masked Singer judge was a guest on the #NoFilter with Zack Peter podcast on Wednesday and was asked about her time at the Playboy Mansion. Fellow models like Holly Madison have given some pretty dark descriptions of what they went through in that house. But there are stories going back to the ’70s, too — stories of predatory practices on naïve young women at best, sexual assault at worst — which came out in the Secrets of Playboy documentary on A&E earlier this year.

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Jenny notably never appeared in the docuseries. Why? She told Zack she was asked multiple times to take part:

“They had asked me to host that show. They wanted me to really be involved. And be an executive producer and be involved in it — numerous times!”

Eventually, after the sixth time they asked, she says, she turned them down outright. Why? All the sexual misconduct just was NOT what she experienced! She explained:

“I love the production company, I’m gonna put that out there because I do love them, who did it. But because I didn’t have the same experiences, so I wasn’t going to sign up for a paycheck and be salacious when I didn’t experience those things.”

Jenny was Playmate of the Year in 1994, seven years before Holly came to the Mansion. She implies Hugh Hefner’s marriage to Kimberly Conrad may have been the deciding factor — but states outright the idea of it all being 24/7 drugs and orgies just wasn’t true in her time! She recounted:

“I’m so grateful that when I was there, Hef was married and it was kind of run like a strict dormitory. Like, we weren’t even allowed near Hef or around the house.”

It wasn’t just no parties — she describes it like “Catholic school” level strict!

“It was almost like Catholic school, to be honest. There were no orgies or big parties going on. So I think I went in there in a window of time that was kind of safe for me. But hearing some of these girls’ stories was really rough.”

Even though it wasn’t what she saw during her time, Jenny makes it clear she believes what she’s hearing from the models of different Playboy eras, saying her “heart broke for a lot of these women.”

We’ve definitely heard some differing points of view from other Playboy vets. Is it possible that, like Jenny, some just were there at times when Hef was in a relationship that made him keep things on the up-and-up?

We have to say, we really appreciate how Jenny can realize that her experience doesn’t necessarily dictate what everyone else’s experience was. A lot of people forget that — and assume others are lying or exaggerating. Her POV is really refreshing!

You can listen to the full podcast, in which she also talks candidly about The View and her MTV days HERE!

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