Jana Kramer In New Long-Distance Relationship With Mystery Man: ‘I’m Not Going To Push Away Love’

Jana Kramer has a new man in her life! But she’s keeping his identity tight-lipped…

The One Tree Hill alum spoke about her blossoming new romance on the most recent episode of her podcast this week. She had a lot to say about finding love again after her ugly divorce from Mike Caussin back in 2021 — amid sordid cheating accusations against him. And, of course, there’s the backdrop of her failed dating dalliances since splitting from the former NFL player, too.

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But it sounds like she’s in a good place now! On Monday’s brand new episode of her Whine Down podcast, the 39-year-old mom of daughter Jolie, 6, and Jace, 4, got very candid. The single momma first admitted that she’s cautiously optimistic about this new relationship:

“I don’t know if this is my forever person. … But, like, I’m not going to push away love just because I’ve been hurt before. I’m going to embrace it. I’m going to have fun. And if it doesn’t work out, well, you know what, I’m gonna learn a lot of lessons. And I had a lot of fun along the way.”

And while she wouldn’t name the guy or give too many clues as to who he is, she did confirm she met him while she was traveling overseas. He’s from Scotland, she explained on the podcast, and he works now in England.


The Michigan native admitted that their different home bases made her skeptical it could work when they first started talking:

“When I was on that app, I was like, ‘no, they live in a different country, no, no, no.’ And, you know, even with him, I said, ‘no, this is silly. I’m a mom with two kids and I live in Nashville, like, how would this even work?’”

But something clicked, and they kept at it from a distance:

“Something about him, you know, I was like, ‘OK, well, let me just see, what does the conversation hurt, right?’ This just feels different. And again, if it doesn’t work out — I hate to say that — but I’m realistic to the point where I want people to know that no matter what, like, you will be OK and you won’t be alone you and to let love in whether you end up getting hurt or it’s your forever. I think that’s, like, something that I’ve really realized.”


For Jana, it all came back to being forever optimistic about finding love after divorce. She explained her mindset at this point in her life following a difficult few years after the end of her marriage:

“I was so just, like, ‘I’m never going to be loved.’ Even our friends that have gone through divorce, we’ve all felt that way — like we’re unlovable and we’re never going to find love. And once I found peace within myself and not having to have that, It kind of found me.”

And she continued:

“I would pull so many tactics to, like, try to push someone away because it’s almost I didn’t believe that I deserved it. And also, like, I just knew they would leave or they would end up lying or cheat or doing something. But who I am in this relationship is who I’ve always wanted to be. … I always said, like, I have a lot of love to give, and I want to give my love to this human.”


Like we said, Kramer has been through the ringer with relationships. The country music crooner was briefly married to Michael Gambino way back in 2004, and Johnathon Schaech in 2010. She was also briefly engaged to fellow country singer Brantley Gilbert in 2013. In the immediate aftermath of her relationship with Caussin, then, she’s also dated ex-Navy vet Ian Schinelli and Kristin Cavallari‘s ex-husband Jay Cutler.

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But this one, she claimed on the podcast, is “different” than past relationships. Jana is trying to keep from “putting stress” on this new connection, as she put it. Instead, she is merely trying to enjoy the whole thing:

“I’m just enjoying where it’s at right now and I’m enjoying feeling this way. We’re trying not to go more than three weeks without seeing each other.”

Still, the travel schedule has proven difficult. She explained on the episode that she was overseas for more than a week last month, but the couple’s schedules have already proven to be tricky:

“There’s things that I couldn’t rearrange [with her kids] and right now with his job, he can’t come. So I’ll have to do more of the bulk of the flying for the next few months. But I’m excited about it. And you know, in three weeks, hopefully, I’ll be back. … I’m happy. It just feels really nice and I don’t want to put too much pressure on it and I just want to enjoy it.”

She went on:

“It’s gonna be tough. I’ve never done long-distance. But again, I’m just enjoying being happy. And it’s all good. There’s going to be lessons learned along the way. I’ll learn things whether it works out or whether it doesn’t. And I think that’s the piece that I know either way, I’m OK. … I’ll never get into a situation again where I don’t trust someone because I do not like who I become. Something is just very different about this relationship that I have zero worries or fears. And if something was to happen, again, I’m like, ‘alright, like, thanks for showing me who you are and I’m out.’”

Sounds tough! Long distance is a challenge. Can they make it work?! Although, suddenly, this IG post she published in London from just before Christmas now makes a lot more sense:


And most importantly, who is this guy???

Well, according to Us Weekly, Jana’s podcast producer once told her to date an athlete who plays the same sport as her partner — which is soccer. Kramer referenced that past convo on Whine Down this week. But she wouldn’t say anything more about it. Still, fans took the hint! Across social media, Instagram and Twitter users are pondering whether Kramer could be seeing a pro soccer player…

Wouldn’t that be something?? From (American) football to (European) football! HA!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

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