Jamie Spears’ Request To Question Britney Under Oath DENIED By Judge!

Jamie Spears’ days of putting Britney Spears under a microscope are long gone!

As you may know, the superstar’s daddy is set to appear in court over alleged conservatorship abuse on the many claims Brit made — including allegations that Jamie spied on his daughter while he was in charge of the controversial legal arrangement.

In hopes of defending himself, Jamie requested the judge force the pop icon to sit for a deposition so he could question her under oath on the various claims the songstress and lawyer Mathew Rosengart levied against him.

But it looks like the 68-year-old will have to find a new way to vindicate himself, because the judge just denied his request!

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On Wednesday, the judge said if Jamie truly was innocent, he would be able to defend himself against allegations of conservatorship abuse by obtaining information from sources besides his daughter, like documents or other witnesses.

So the judge seemed to agree with Rosengart’s take: that Jamie’s request to grill Brit in court is an unnecessary attempt to harass her. In fact, docs filed by the Toxic hitmaker’s team on Tuesday claimed there had been “numerous misrepresentations of fact and law” in Jamie’s prior requests to the court.

The docs charged:

“Mr Spears’ has sunk to a new low by presenting the Court with misleading ‘exhibits’ containing Ms Spears’s private and confidential, sealed information. Mr Spears’ most recent filing further demonstrates his intent to harass, harm, and re-traumatize Britney Spears. As we have discussed, any deposition at all, even (or especially) with the so-called ‘options’ urged by Mr Spears (ie, a ‘referee’, which would be improper) would, in and of itself be harassing and re-traumatize Ms Spears. For the foregoing reasons and those in the record, we respectfully submit that this court must adopt its tentative ruling denying Mr Spears’ motion to compel Ms Spears’ deposition.”

There were several issues Jamie was hoping to question his daughter about, including allegations that she was forced to participate in therapy, forced to give 8 tubes of blood for medical treatment, and not allowed to own pain-reliever medication.

A judge already ruled that the Grammy winner’s dad has to sit for his depo in El Lay before August 12, but a specific date and location has yet to be determined.

How do U think this will end for Jaime??

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