Influencer Who Spoke Out After Godfrey Hotel Hollywood Incident Looking Into Mental Hospital Following Death Threats

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

This is a very sad update to share.

After coming forward about a scary potential sex trafficking incident she experienced while staying at the Godfrey Hotel Hollywood in June, TikTok influencer TayBeepBoop is opening up about the state of her mental health as she processes this ordeal while dealing with hate and death threats from those online.

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If you’re just catching up on this story, Tay was staying at the hotel alone in California when a male employee attempted to enter her room without permission. Not only did he unlock the door, but tried to fully open it, only being stopped by the door latch. He then started knocking nonstop while claiming he needed to speak to her in person about her car (which was supposedly smoking). She doesn’t own a car, so she refused to leave the room out of fear for her safety.

The front desk appeared to be in on the alleged scheme since after she got in touch with them and explained the situation, they lied about sending security to help and stopped answering her calls. She left with the help of an escort who was equally weirded out by the hotel!

Then, on Monday, the establishment finally addressed the controversy via a statement on social media — but Tay claims they lied about the situation. And now, she’s having to deal with trolls trying to silence her in the most awful ways!! In response to a kind follower who encouraged her to keep “sharing [her] story,” Tay wrote on TikTok:

“I’ve gotten d3ath threats & blackmail 🙂 this is why women don’t speak up. Men using scare tactics to try & silence women is tired be original or something.”


Replying to @jgonzalez107 They’re showing their fear trying to silence voices because they’re afraid of what will be said. This goes for all female identifying people ❤

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She went on to post a more lengthy video about the terrible impact this event and the social media response has had on her mental health. And honestly, we’re so heartbroken to hear how badly she’s been struggling!!! The content creator shared on Tuesday:

“The hotel has made a statement and it’s a total lie. Doesn’t even address the guy entering my room. They did not speak to me the next day at all. They’ve turned off their comments on all social media which is pretty suspicious behavior.”

What is heartbreaking is that after coming forward about a very traumatic experience in hopes of helping others avoid a potentially dangerous situation, the DIY designer has now been faced with an onslaught of cruel comments and even “blackmail attempts.” WTF?! She candidly noted:

“I have gotten death threats and blackmail attempts. I don’t really care because jokes on them. I’m going to a mental institution and I have suicidal ideations. So, if you’re threatening to kill me, catch me in the insane asylum. But for any normal person who’s not incredibly mentally unwell right now, that would be terrifying. And this is why women don’t speak up. They’re trying to silence our voices. It’s really pathetic behavior.”

So true, and we could not be more sorry she is dealing with this! People online can be so mean.

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Tay went on to address how her mental health has been declining ever since the incident took place on June 1 –having hardly spoken about it and not even telling most people in her inner circle. She explained:

“I did not speak up about this incident in two months. My brain did an amazing job at completely suffocating this event from my thoughts. I didn’t think about this at all. I didn’t tell my family about this happening, didn’t tell my therapist, didn’t tell my friends. The people on FaceTime [whom she was speaking to at the time of the incident] they knew. My partner knew. I didn’t tell anyone [else]. I didn’t think about it again after that day.”

Getting choked up, the 28-year-old continued:

“I have had really strange behavior for the last two months. And it makes a lot of sense now, realizing that I was traumatized and experiencing PTSD. In the last two months, I’ve had to leave my job. And if you know anything about my career, you know how difficult that is for me. I’ve seen many therapists, and psychiatrists, and doctors these last two months. I’m on a scary medication journey. I didn’t speak up about this when it happened. I thought I was the only one this happened to. I made excuses for this worker. I thought, ‘Oh, maybe he’s just trying to do his job.’ And like I’m being dramatic if I make a big deal out of this. And that’s why I didn’t press charges the next day. But now hearing that many women have come forward and it’s happened to them too, there’s probably a lot more.”

Explaining why she didn’t think about the incident after it happened, the social media star added a text caption over the video, writing:

“Once I justified his [the employee’s] behavior in my head the next morning I completely shut off thinking about it until I realized the pattern of my strange behavior.”

The artist is now eager to get back to posting her regular content because that is what makes her most at ease, she concluded:

“I want to stop posting about this. It is not good for my mental health. It doesn’t help being berated online, and I’m trying not to read the comments at all. But I want to go back to posting my happy, colorful content because that’s what’s helpful for me. I had PTSD from a traumatic experience previously and that’s why I started decorating my house like this. That’s why my house is so colorful. I’m trying to create a safe and happy place.”


Replying to @gabriela✨ imagine how many women had the same thoughts of self doubt I did and havent spoken up about this yet. Or women who HAVE spoken up about this but don’t have a platform and have been silenced. I WANT to stop posting about this but if there are updates I will share them because it’s important the @godfreyhotelhwood is held accountable. I’m going to be getting the FBI involved.

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This is all the more reason this hotel NEEDS to pay for its actions — if these allegations prove to be true. We sincerely hope an investigation is taking place because no guest deserves to suffer these kinds of consequences after spending the night at a hotel. Not to mention, these death threats need to stop ASAP. Sending TayBeepBoop lots of love as she heals, and we’re proud of her for doing what she needs to take care of herself! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Let us know (below)!

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