HUH?? Donda Academy Is BACK??

Hold on! Donda Academy may not have shut its doors just yet!

In a surprising twist to the saga of Kanye West’s mysterious private school in Los Angeles, which was supposedly shut down on Wednesday amid the rapper’s antisemitism, parents have now received an email confirming school is back on! What??

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On Thursday, TMZ obtained a copy of the bizarre email sent to parents and staff very late on Wednesday night. The email, which hit inboxes at around midnight, excitedly revealed students were expected at school the next morning to continue their education. It stated:

“Dear Parents and Staff,

Join us tomorrow morning in worship for the return of Donda Academy. With the help of our parents and community, we are back and returning with a vengeance! The children of Donda are going to change the world. Apologies for the late email! See you bright and early!”

It was signed by the parents of Donda, so it’s unclear if Kanye changed his mind and decided to re-open the unaccredited academy (after all, he needs that $15k tuition more than ever now) or if the parents are taking it upon themselves to educate the kids? Whatever the case may be, we hope they aren’t taking any of Kanye’s antisemitic remarks to heart. Ugh.

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As we previously reported, just about four hours earlier (!!!), an email was sent to the Donda students and their families announcing an immediate shutdown through the end of the school year. They weren’t even expected to turn up to school today! It explained:

“Dear Donda Academy Families — we hope this email finds you well. First we would like to express our gratitude for the community of families and scholars that Donda Academy brought together. However, at the direction of our Founder, Donda Academy will close for the remainder of the 2022-2023 school year effective immediately. Thursday, October 27th. THERE IS NO SCHOOL TOMORROW.”

The statement insisted they would help their students transition into other schools considering the school year JUST began! But now… just hours after they abruptly shut down, they are somehow reopening? This just doesn’t make any sense!

As we’ve been tracking, the closure was announced amid the Hurricane star’s antisemitic controversy — which has caused him to lose out on several important business deals. Several people associated with Donda Academy have also cut ties with the school in the last week, including a Jewish teacher. In Ye’s return to IG on Wednesday night, he also confirmed the closure, writing in a now-deleted post:

“My school is being shut down.”

And yet it’s already back up and running? What’s going on here??? How did they do a 180 so fast?! Such a strange situation all around! Reactions? SOUND OFF (below)!

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