How Tom Schwartz Just Got Frenemies Tom Sandoval & Jax Taylor To Reunite Amid Feud

The fences are starting to mend in the Vanderpump Rules universe!

Following months of controversy after Scandoval, Tom Schwartz has just successfully reunited co-stars Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor, who’ve been going at it amid the former’s cheating scandal. The threesome got together at Schwartz & Sandy’s Lounge on Thanksgiving, with Schwartz posting a photo of them posing on a couch, celebrating:

“Got the band back together”

Tom Schwartz Reveals How He Got Frenemies Tom Sandoval & Jax Taylor To Reunite After ‘A Little Breakthrough’
(c) Tom Schwartz/Instagram

Surprising to see them all back together after this mess! For Schwartz, who’s had his own rocky history with Sandoval since supporting him throughout the affair, he hopes it’s the start of a fresh new chapter for them.

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Speaking to People on Thursday night, the Bravo personality explained how the unexpected reunion occurred. While acknowledging the pair “have been on the outs for a long time,” he reminded fans they used to be tight:

“But I think people forget that Tom and Jax have been friends longer than I’ve been friends with both of them. I’m talking almost 20 years.”

On their group friendship, he added:

“It’s like sometimes I feel like we’re a trio. We’re like brothers. Those are my Los Angeles brothers. They’re first two people I met along with Kristen Doute. We all lived together and we were slightly dysfunctional, but we loved each other and we came up together and I have a deep bond with both those guys.”

“Dysfunctional” is a good word for the boys’ bond — and he doubled down on this, explaining:

“Sometimes their dynamic, it’s love-hate — maybe more emphasis on the latter lately, but I feel like they had a little breakthrough recently. They’ve been communicating more often. […] They kind of have John C. Reilly/Will Ferrell in Step Brothers dynamic. But I think deep down they do love each other at the end of the day. I think I can speak on behalf of them.”

That’s progress! While Sandoval and Jax haven’t opened up about the get-together, it was clearly very special for their buddy. Because the men were feuding for so long after Jax took Ariana Madix‘s side in Le Scandoval, it made everything “touch-and-go” for a bit — putting the Stars on Mars alum in an awkward spot:

“It was really nice for me because I kind of feel like a child of divorce sometimes with those two because Jax and Tom are two of my best friends on the planet and I love them dearly.”

Katie Maloney‘s ex-husband concluded:

“They’re also very different people. And anyways, they’re both doing really well right now, and it was really nice to see them together. … It was just a really, really great night. It felt cozy and happy, and the holiday spirit was alive and well. “


Sounds like things are looking up for this friend group! But don’t expect the Special Forces alum to be chummy with everyone on the cast — the ladies aren’t going to forgive the cheating quite so easily. The next season of the show is promising a ton of new drama for Sandy — and not everyone is so quick to let bygones by bygones! Thoughts? Let us know (below)!

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