How Prince Harry Quietly Comforted Crying Meghan Markle During Queen Elizabeth’s Funeral

Prince Harry proved how supportive he is by making sure to comfort his wife Meghan Markle during Queen Elizabeth II’s emotional funeral on Monday.

Despite the couple’s ongoing feud with the rest of the royal family, they joined their relatives to pay their respects and bid farewell to Her Majesty in an elegant ceremony held at Westminster Abbey. As to be expected, the funeral and procession stirred up a lot of emotions for everyone — including the Suits alum!

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In now-viral photos, the Archetypes podcast host was captured with her lip quivering and tears flowing down her cheek throughout the funeral. Most notably, she looked choked up as she watched the Queen’s coffin begin its final journey to Windsor Castle, where the 96-year-old is set to be buried alongside her other late family members. In one instance, Meghan wiped a tear away while standing next to Camilla, Queen Consort, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Princess Catherine AKA Kate Middleton. Other snapshots show her looking somber next to Harry while standing at the Wellington Arch. This time, she let the tears dry on her face. Truly heartbreaking moments to witness, especially knowing her complicated history with Queen Elizabeth…

You can see the photos HERE. You can also see the moments which stirred up so much emotion for Meghan (below).

Such a tough day for all those who knew and loved the Queen.

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Reflecting on the touching service with People on Monday, a funeral guest and attorney, Pranav Bhanot, recalled noticing the Duke and Duchess of Sussex share many meaningful interactions throughout the state funeral, saying of their evident bond:

“You saw the reassurance that Harry was giving to Meghan at times when they were walking together and had to go in their different directions.”

How exactly did he make his reassurance known when they had to stay so stoic? The viewer continued:

“I noticed just how supportive Harry was to Meghan. When they went their separate directions after the ceremony, he gave her a firm squeeze of the hand. I felt he wanted to ensure she felt comfortable.”

Aw! So sweet. Just what a partner should be doing in a moment like this. You can see more of the couple’s interactions at the funeral (below).

Glad they have each other to lean on in this devastating time, especially as they remain estranged from their relatives.

[Image via Guardian News/YouTube]

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