How Olivia Wilde Is Managing Jealousy Amid Ex Harry Styles’ HOT Romance With Emily Ratajkowski!

She’s not mad, she actually isn’t really paying attention and also she totally doesn’t care, mmmkay?

We are as shocked as anyone to see Harry Styles‘ fling-turned-romance with supermodel Emily Ratajkowski following their Tokyo-based make out sesh earlier this month. But perhaps no one is more surprised by it — or more dismayed, TBH — than the former One Direction frontman’s ex-girlfriend Olivia Wilde.

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As Perezcious readers will recall, we’ve been covering the apparently awkward interactions between EmRata and the Don’t Worry Darling director after the 31-year-old model moved in on Olivia’s ex-man. Earlier on Tuesday morning, we reported how the Gone Girl star is “begging [Wilde] for forgiveness” now that she’s linked up with Harry.

Olivia may not be down to forgive so quickly, though. As we noted in that prior report, an insider used the B-word to describe what went down between these two women regarding Styles:

“This is a betrayal.”

But now, we’ve got new details!! And they sound…. not quite so intense? Maybe? On Tuesday afternoon, another insider spoke to Us Weekly about EmRata’s move to pack on that public PDA with Styles — and specifically how it relates to Jason Sudeikis‘ ex.

To hear this source tell the tale now, it would seem Olivia isn’t exactly happy with the pairing. The insider noted Emily’s romantic moves with Harry “upsets” the Booksmart director. Uh-oh!

But the source did add that the 39-year-old House alum is trying to get past her own split from Styles, anyways. So, she’s working hard on herself and attempting to look only into the future:

“[Olivia] is trying not to be jealous because she is moving on as well.”

Keyword, trying!

But you know, Olivia does have a lot to move onto in her life. Heck, just a few days ago she made headlines after successfully co-parenting with Sudeikis by jointly attending their son Otis‘ soccer game. When the custody battle is so nasty a soccer hangout in the same universe makes headlines, yeah, you know s**t is crazy. So it def makes sense to consider Wilde has a LOT more on her plate than merely giving her time (and thoughts) to Harry and EmRata.

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From our POV here, at least one thing is for certain: bitterness or jealously or whatever is going on behind the scenes, Olivia probably wishes EmRata still felt the same about Harry now as she did waaay back in 2016. Ya know? Just saying!

Romance reactions, Perezcious readers? Where does this potential friendship feud fall on your must-follow list?!

Share your takes on all this tense talk down in the comments (below)!

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