Horrifying New Details In Case Of Abused Missouri Woman Who Escaped Her Kidnapper

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

New details have emerged surrounding the kidnapped Excelsior Springs woman who escaped and fled to safety…

In case you aren’t aware, an unnamed woman from the small Missouri city escaped a home near the 300 block of Old Orchard on Friday. She screamed for help and banged on neighbors doors to try and get their attention. When officers from the Excelsior Springs Police Department arrived they found her malnourished and showing signs she had been held against her will for quite some time. They brought her to a local hospital where she was confirmed to be in stable condition.

After the Kansas City Missouri Police Department‘s CSI unit began investigating the home, they were quickly able to make an arrest. Timothy Haslett Jr., a resident of the neighborhood, was taken into custody and charged with first degree kidnapping, first degree rape, and second degree assault in relation to the crime the same night the woman escaped. But the most shocking news was the escaped victim may not be the only one…

According to The Kansas City Star the woman spoke with police sometime on Friday and told them there were others involved in the horrific incident. It’s horrifying to think there could be more out there we aren’t yet aware of!

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In a Tuesday update of a probable cause filing cited by KMBC, we were given a chilling inside look as to what this poor woman — and potentially more rumored victims — went through in her words. And it’s a lot. Continue reading at your own discretion…

Legal documents state police arrived to the neighborhood after a neighbor called 911 and told law enforcement a woman showed up at their residence showing “obvious signs of being restrained”. The unnamed 22-year-old told the resident she had been held hostage since early September. When the cops found the young woman, she was wearing latex lingerie and a metal collar around her neck with a padlock. She also had duct tape stuck around her neck, all of which were restricting her breathing. Just horrible!

The victim told ESPD officers she had been picked up “by a man named Timothy” on Prospect Street at the beginning of last month. The 39-year-old allegedly kept her in a small room in the basement he built and she had been restrained with handcuffs on her wrists and ankles. Mere moments after getting this information, the house was surrounded by police, per the documents.

The young woman said her captor had gone to take his child to school (yes, this sick man has children!) and when she was alone she was able to make her escape. Police Chief Greg Dull says she was able to identify the home from the back of an ambulance:

“She was able to point out the house to us from the back of the ambulance on the way to the hospital. We were able to keep him from getting back into the house and possibly destroying evidence.”

Just heartbreaking…

The young victim adds she was “whipped” on her back by Haslett, as well as raped “multiple times and frequently” throughout being held hostage. He was taken into custody when police performed a routine traffic stop and arrested him on an unrelated animal control violation. His charges were eventually raised after KCMPD got a search warrant for the home and found everything which aligned with the 22-year-old’s story — except they found no evidence of extra victims.

The escapee was discharged from the hospital and reunited with her loved ones on Friday. Haslett is currently being held on a $500,000 bond in Clay County Jail. He faced the judge for the first time on Tuesday and is scheduled for a bond hearing next week, then a preliminary hearing in early December.

Such a nauseating situation to hear about. We’re so glad the woman was able to escape and get back to her family. If there are any other victims, may they be found safe very soon.

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