Holy SNL Drama! Chris Redd Is Dating Kenan Thompson’s Ex-Wife!

Well, we certainly didn’t expect Saturday Night Live relationship drama to get juicier AFTER Pete Davidson left!

You may have heard the sad news back in April that after over TEN YEARS of marriage, Kenan Thompson and his wife Christina Evangeline had split up. Sources at the time actually said they had been over for a while but had kept it quiet. Heartbreaking news, especially since they have two kids. But there was nothing scandalous about it… that we knew of at the time.

However, a new piece of the puzzle was revealed on Tuesday. Christina’s new boyfriend is none other than… Kenan’s co-star Chris Redd! Not only were Chris and Kenan on SNL together for five years, they spent the past two playing brothers on Kenan’s eponymous NBC sitcom!

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Um… what?! What is going on?!?

According to TMZ, who broke the news of the pairing, the couple became official some time earlier this year. But like Kenan and Christina’s separation, it’s been going on a lot longer than anyone realized! The outlet’s sources insist there was NO OVERLAP. This isn’t a cheating situation. Chris has known and been friends with Christina through Kenan for years, and there was never anything going on. That’s what they say.

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But still… it’s definitely a violation of the Bro Code or something, right? You can’t hook up with a friend’s LONGTIME ex and expect to stay friends… right??

Chris Redd and Kenan Thompson at the Emmys
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Well, Kenan and Chris don’t have to. Kenan the show was canceled by NBC in May. Interesting timing on that, isn’t it? June is when Kenan the man canceled his marriage, finally officially filing for divorce.

And don’t worry about these two having an awkward debacle on the set of SNL either. Chris dropped the surprise announcement just last week that he was leaving the show after five years. He wrote in a statement:

“Being a part of SNL has been the experience of a lifetime. Five years ago, I walked into 30 Rock knowing that this was an amazing opportunity for growth. Now, with friends who have become family and memories I will cherish forever, I’m grateful to Lorne Michaels and to the entire SNL organization. From the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank you all enough.”

Very gracious.


Half of the cast members who were leaving (Pete DavidsonAidy Bryant, Kyle Mooney, and Kate McKinnon) were known before the last season ended. Another big group (Alex Moffat, Melissa Villaseñor, and Aristotle Athari) were announced all at once a couple weeks ago. And then this announcement, all by its lonesome. The odd one out. And right after, that’s when it comes out these two are a couple?

Is it possible it was this conflict that caused Chris to cede the territory? As long as Kenan was with Christina, he’s been married to SNL twice as long. He’s actually got the record for longest tenure in the sketch show’s history at 20 seasons. If either one of them was going to go, it had to be Chris, right? That is… if it was his decision. Who knows, right?

TMZ‘s sources say no, it’s all on the up-and-up and everyone is fine, with no bad blood anywhere to be found here. They say Chris is leaving the show because he’s too busy with other projects…

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“Other projects” has been the official reasoning for a lot of rumored Hollywood rifts, so…

But what do Y’ALL think?? Weigh in with your thoughts on the sketchy situation in the comments (below)!

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