Holly Madison Reveals Gross New Details About Her First Time Having Sex With ‘Daddy’ Hugh Hefner!

Holly Madison continues letting the world know what it was really like in the Playboy Mansion!

This week, the former Girls Next Door personality and her longtime co-star and Playboy pal Bridget Marquardt dropped the first two episodes of their new podcast. The show is appropriately called Girls Next Level in an ode to their reality TV experience with famed Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. And boy, do they go next level with the stories!!

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In the inaugural ep, Holly got pretty explicit in recounting what happened on her very first night in the Playboy Mansion back in August 2001.

Speaking candidly to Bridget, the 42-year-old star recalled being invited to join Hef and a group of women one night in El Lay. Holly was nervous, she explained on the podcast, and calmed the butterflies by slamming vodka cranberries all night.

At one point, Hef offered her a quaalude. However, she recalled thinking she was “being tested” by Hefner, who was supposedly against the use of drugs in the mansion. So, she turned it down. He seemed to like that, she says in the new podcast, but the mag publisher still allegedly referred to quaaludes as “thigh openers.”


From there, Holly recalls being “wasted” after “downing drinks all night.” Still, she realized the evening was her “make or break” situation to get in good with the Playboy crowd. The group of girls were then ordered to bathe before kicking off the adult-themed festivities of the evening. But it sounded like not too many of the women were very into it:

“So I got really wasted, went upstairs and somebody ran a bath in his bathroom. And everybody was supposed to get in the bath, but nobody really did, I think it was just me and another person. I remember putting my feet in the bath and after a long night of dancing in high heels, that felt really good. I think at this point, everybody else who was living there was so over the routine, and just wanted to get it in and done with as soon as possible, nobody wanted to waste their time with a f**king bath.”

Fair enough!

Eventually, though, all the women made their way to a bedroom. One woman — who Holly referred to in the podcast as “The Recruiter” — was particularly cheerful and helpful. Madison explained how all the girls called the mag mogul “Daddy” in the bedroom, too:

“I go to the bed, the other new girl is already laying there, there’s vibrators laid out for everybody. I’d never used a vibrator in my life. I don’t even remember everybody else walking in, I just remember laying down and everybody else was there and the first thing that happens is The Recruiter says, ‘Daddy!’ I’m gagging as I say this, but everybody used to call him ‘Daddy’ in the bedroom, which is so gross.”

But before the shock of that exchange could even wear off, Hef allegedly made his move:

“So she was like, ‘Daddy, do you want to get the new girl? I s**t you not, next thing I know, he’s on top of me.”


The night went on from there, with Holly saying she’d had so much to drink that she didn’t remember how it played out. Still, after the group sex festivities, she stayed up late with The Recruiter and ordered food. Holly recalled thinking she had to make a move to stick around for good:

“I just remember thinking, ‘I need to move in now.’”

That actually opens up an interesting part of the podcast. Madison was honest with listeners about the dichotomy between re-living awkward and unsettling moments and actually wanting to be in the mansion.

As she explained, Holly had nowhere else to live at the time, and wanted to maintain her connections in El Lay:

“I’ve had people ask me before, ‘If you didn’t like the sex or it freaked you out, why didn’t you just leave?’ But you have to understand if I were to just leave, I’m going back to my problems of not having a place to live. Plus, I just had sex with this guy, which to me is like a big deal. The only community I feel like I’m a part of in L.A., everyone will know I had sex with him randomly, I better move in and be a girlfriend.”

And that, she did!

The next morning, she ran into Hef in the mansion and asked about moving in. She claimed he was shocked by her forward request. But he was open to it, allegedly telling her:

“Sure, let’s see how it goes.”

Two days later, he followed up with Holly, confirming her move was “going well.” And the rest, as they say, is history…

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Still, that first night experience has stuck with Holly for more than 20 years. She recalled feeling “so gross and so used” that evening, and told Bridget in the new podcast:

“I think that whole experience was kind of traumatic for me. I know people would debate, you went up there knowing some sex was going to happen, but I thought I would have a chance to kind of see what’s going on, see if I was comfortable with it and I never in a million years thought I would be the first person he would try to have sex with. I didn’t know if I would have to have sex the first night … I never thought I would be the first person to have sex or it would happen that quickly. People can debate how much I should have been prepared for, but what people can’t debate is how it made me feel.”


Of course, this follows just days after Holly and Bridget popped up on Heather McDonald‘s Juicy Scoop podcast to talk about some other difficult Playboy memories. So there’s a lot of reminiscing going on. And not necessarily feel-good stuff, either…

What do y’all think about this, Perezcious readers??

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