Holly Madison & Bridget Marquardt Say Kendra Wilkinson’s Memoir Isn’t Accurate: ‘Everything She Said About Us Was Untrue’

Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt are setting the record straight on what they remember happening when Kendra Wilkinson moved in.

On Monday’s episode of their podcast Girls Next Level, the two former playmates discussed Kendra’s memoir which details what she remembers from the Playboy Mansion — and they don’t agree with her recollection! Holly even went as far as to call out the the 37-year-old on how she dissed her own memoir, Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny, on TV.

The former Playboy model starts off by recalling a moment when Wilkinson denied Hugh Hefner ever gave drugs to his playmates — something which Madison says happened before she even moved into the mansion:

“After my book came out and I talked about the quaaludes, Kendra went on a rant on her show when she had that show on WE tv. She was like, ‘She’s f**king lying, Hef’s a pimp, he doesn’t have to drug people’. I’m like, ‘he wasn’t handing them out when you came around’. And it’s just so offensive to me when she tries to accuse me of lying when I’m talking about stuff that happened before she was even there. And since then, so many other people have come out talking about the quaaludes.”

The ladies say by the time Kendra started coming around the mansion, many other playmates were moving out. Holly even said Hef told her one of the women left because “Kendra offered her drugs” and she was recovering from a drug problem — and allegedly that’s why she was kicked out. As time went on, though, she started to question the story:

“I never heard that from Kendra, she didn’t mention it in her book … Kendra’s book is not the most reliable thing in the world, but she didn’t mention it.”

“Not the most reliable thing in the world”? Wow! The shade…

Soon after, almost all the other girls were gone except for Madison and Marquardt — and they were thankful due to the terrible bullying they said they received from the other mansion residents. Wilkinson finally moved in shortly after everyone else had gone. The Girls Next Level hosts say the next year was “a breath of fresh air” for them, but according to Kendra’s book Sliding Into Home it wasn’t the same for her. Holly admits she didn’t read the memoir until years after its publication, but when she finally did it made her angry:

“Now, that’s not how it all went down according to Kendra’s book. So my history with Kendra’s book, she wrote a memoir in 2010 and when it came out we had been out of the mansion for a couple years and I really liked Kendra at that time. I was totally Team Kendra, I was happy for her and super supportive of her. Her book came out and I never read it because I knew her and I knew her story, why would I read it? And nobody told me anything negative about me was in the book, so I never knew about it until 2014-2015, I’m writing my own memoir.”

She went on to reveal someone in the legal department of her publisher was the one who told her the Kendra Sells Hollywood star’s viewpoint differed so much from her own:

“Just so you know, the way you describe Kendra moving in is not how she described moving in.”

What a way to find out!

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The Holly’s World alum says she’s not mad about it now, but she was when she read it. She clarifies she likes how Kendra’s book wraps up, but says she still wants to set the record straight on some things that are “untrue”:

“So I looked at Kendra’s book and then I got f**king pissed because I saw everything she said about us which was untrue. Even today, I’m not pissed about it, because at the end of the book she says nice things and it wraps up, but I do want to clarify things she said because they’re not true. I couldn’t believe she had said that and nobody told me and for a while we had been acquaintances and friendly from a distance and nobody had ever said anything. So if, in my book, it sounds like I’m coming down hard on Kendra, that’s why. I had just finished reading her book and I was f**king pissed.”

The 42-year-old continues and mentions an instance where she says the Kendra On Top star has her facts wrong — but wants to give her “the benefit of the doubt”:

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