His Sister Woke Up From Her Coma & Accused Him Of Attempted Murder — A Week Later He Was Dead

A West Virginia man has died following an investigation into his sister’s attack.

In case you haven’t heard about the case, a woman named Wanda Palmer recently woke up from a 2-year coma after being brutally “attacked, hacked and left for dead” in June of 2020. After initially believing Wanda to be deceased, police said it was a miracle she survived the severe trauma to the skull and brain. A weapon was never found, according to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, but officials believe it was something like a hatchet or a machete. Real horror movie stuff.

But the story gets even crazier…

Wanda actually woke up from her coma earlier this summer! Naturally law enforcement went to pay her a visit at the nursing home she had been staying at for the past two years, and the result was a true shock. On July 12 she was able to reveal her attacker: none other than her BROTHER, Daniel J. Palmer III!

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Daniel was charged with attempted murder and malicious wounding and taken into custody, where his bail was set at $500,000. It seemed justice was finally being served after two whole trips around the sun, and this man was finally going to pay for his heinous crime! But in a tragic turn of events, we have now learned that the alleged attacker has died.

This story has so many twists and turns!

Jackson County Sheriff Ross Mellinger told People over the weekend that Daniel had been transported to a Charleston Hospital last Wednesday and died the following day — likely due to natural causes. Ross explained:

“It was an avalanche of recurring health issues. He generally was not a healthy man to begin with and once he got to jail his health continued to spiral downhill.”

He had only been in custody for seven days… We’re sure that the pure shock from his baby sis waking up and revealing him as the attacker was enough to send him into a state of high stress and throw his preexisting conditions off the rails.

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Ross added:

“From an investigator’s standpoint it is unfortunate we don’t get the chance to see the case through. We turn the focus towards the victim in the case and hope she continues to get better. She has a long road ahead of her.”

We’re just glad Wanda is awake and on the road to recovery. What are YOUR thoughts, Perezcious readers? Would you have liked to see Daniel face Wanda and serve time? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Images via Daniel Palmer/Jackson County WV Sheriff’s Department, Wanda Palmer/Facebook & NBC News/YouTube]

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