Hilaria Baldwin Blasts ‘Psycho’ Rumors She’s FAKING Her Pregnancy!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Hilaria Baldwin is hitting back at some unusual controversy!!

The pregnant momma is currently expecting her seventh child with Alec Baldwin after already welcoming Carmen Gabriela, 8, Rafael Thomas, 7, Leonardo Ángel Charles, 5, Romeo Alejandro David, 4, Eduardo “Edu” Pao Lucas, 1, and Lucia Baldwin, 1, who was born via surrogacy. Her embattled actor husband is also dad to Ireland Baldwin, 26, whom he shares with ex-wife Kim Basinger.

With another little one on the way, the 38-year-old yoga guru is now firing back at conspiracy theorists who think she’s faking her current pregnancy! What??

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On Wednesday, she took to her Instagram Story to address the odd theories running rampant on social media. Snapping a photo in a cheetah-print dress that put her baby bump on full display, she wrote:

“My friends made a good point about my belly… it kind of looks fake… like I ate a ball . I guess the psycho conspiracy theorists online with way too much time on their hands have somewhat of a point here .”

Poking fun at the haters, she gave them a task, adding:

“Now you guys can share links and theories as to what kind of ball it was that I ate… hope you come up with options that taste good. Please have something positive in your rants”

The entrepreneur left them with one theory to investigate, teasing:

“Ps…chocolate is my fav…maybe it’s a chocolate ball.”

LOLz! At least she can laugh about it!

Hilaria Baldwin Blasts 'Psycho' Rumors She's FAKING Her Pregnancy!
(c) Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Just so everyone’s clear though, she did return with a snapshot of her baby bump to prove that she hasn’t just shoved a ball under her dress or eaten a massive chocolate treat, insisting:

“As an analytical Capricorn, I have to point out a glitch in the chocolate ball theory: this ball moves.”

In the photo, she was lying down on her bed with her hand holding up her dress to reveal her bump and her baby girl inside wiggling around. She revealed earlier this year that she’s expecting her seventh child in the fall, but has yet to reveal an exact due date. Check out her baby bump (below)!

Hilaria Baldwin Blasts 'Psycho' Rumors She's FAKING Her Pregnancy!
(c) Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

Take that conspiracy theorists!

Not finished with putting the trolls in their place, she added one more mirror selfie on Thursday morning — this time in a slim black dress — to show another angle of her pregnant profile. Take a look!

Hilaria Baldwin Blasts 'Psycho' Rumors She's FAKING Her Pregnancy!
(c) Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram


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Later, the Yoga Vida co-founder got a bit more serious about the accusations on Thursday. In her feels, she penned a text message in her IG Story encouraging fans to find the community that embraces them for all they are, saying:

“Lean into a community that loves you and accepts you and tells you that you belong… just as you are. Lean away from the negative people and energy. Once you climb into the open arms of your belonging community, all of those negative things these negative people said… they all seem so ridiculous and outlandish… from the safe haven of a confident belonging.”

Great point! We’re sure she and Alec have been leaning on their close circle in this hectic last year following the devastating Rust tragedy. Also, this isn’t the first time trolls have had questions about her family. Last July, Hilaria clapped back at claims she wasn’t the biological mother of her six children, complaining on socials:

“I know… I know, sleuths… my skin is darker and my kids’ is lighter. Yes, they are mine. Trying to keep up with all these ideas… I have to say: you have quite a bit of time on your hands.”

Ugh. It must be so frustrating to deal with comments like this time and time again!

Fed up with the bullying she’s been met with, Hilaria also took a stand against haters by reminding them of the dire consequences negativity can have on others. Sharing a photo of a young boy sleeping on a couch, she revealed her “friends lost their son to bullying” and “harassment,” emotionally sharing on Thursday:

“His life and their lives could have been different if there were more kindness, acceptance, understanding, and ability to do what we all want and need: to belong, just as we are.”

While she cannot take away the pain her friends now experience every day waking up without their son, she is committed to rallying for “kindness, compassion, anti-harassment, and an end to bullying.” A very, very important message!! And what a truly sad loss for her friends…

Reflecting on her personal experience with the “trauma of being bullied” (possibly due to her fake Spanish heritage scandal), she also opened up about how she handles her sadness with it tries to “consume” her, making a note to thank fans who have remained kind to her throughout moments of controversy. See her full message (below).

Hilaria Baldwin Blasts 'Psycho' Rumors She's FAKING Her Pregnancy!
(c) Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

She and Alec have faced so much backlash this past year, so it’s no wonder she’s appreciative of those who treat her with kindness and respect! Thoughts?

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