Hey Dude Stars Christine Taylor & David Lascher Reveal They Were Secretly Dating!

OMG, ’90s kids! If you were big fans of Nickelodeon teen dramedy Hey Dude, we have some of the hottest — and oldest — tea to spill ever!

Christine Taylor and David Lascher are throwing it all the way back to the ’90s with a reveal that’s sure to make nostalgic fans’ hearts flutter! If you didn’t already know, the Nick alums just debuted a podcast together, aptly titled Hey Dude… The 90s Called! And they’re wasting NO time spilling all of their decades old tea!

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During Monday’s episode, the two FINALLY fessed up! They were secretly dating while filming the show! David told his co-host: 

“You were my first real love and it was full of teen angst and all you can imagine.”

WOW! They kept this secret so long! David actually admitted they were asked “all the time” about on-set romances but always vehemently denied it. The Beverly Hills, 90210 alum noted their go-to answer was always: 

“No, nobody dated.”

Taylor then chimed in to fill in her side of the long-speculated romance, revealing: 

“You were my second boyfriend. I had my high school sweetheart and you were my second boyfriend… We didn’t own it at that point. Now I think we just have to own it.”

Finally!! What’s the shame? Teens will be teens!

The Zoolander star further added that it was Lascher’s wife, Jill London, who ultimately pushed them to come clean 30 years later, explaining: 

“We talked about this last night. Jill was like, ‘You should talk about this, you should talk about the fact that you dated while you were shooting the show,’ which we’ve never talked about before.”

Speaking directly to his former co-star (and flame!), David admitted that prior to discussing the old fling with his wife, he was “nervous to even ask you if you wanted to talk about it.” However it helped that “we are both happily married and we are adults.” Lascher and London have been married since 1999, while Christine went on to wed another co-star! If you didn’t know, she and Ben Stiller have been married since 2000. 

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So yeah, why not open up now? David reminisced on a time where he saved up his TV money to buy his secret GF a ruby necklace, remembering: 

“I was head over heels for you!”

The Dodgeball actress agreed, adding: 

“We were head over heels for each other. It was total infatuation for sure… He was my first love and I was so infatuated with you, and loved you so much.”

However, as many young relationships in Hollywood do, their time together eventually came to an end, despite them getting “really close.” Looking back on the breakup, Taylor reflected it might have been the fact they were so close that caused problems:

“I think it was the fact that we were working together and living together in this hotel, we were with each other 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and that’s not how young love thrives, you need space to be your own person.”

She recalled they “kept trying to find our way back to each other,” but never fully could — so instead settled for a GREAT friendship! She added: 

“I was terrible. I was so non-confrontational. I probably had no idea how to talk or deal with it. How great is it we can unpack it now?”

David, showing no hard feelings, responded: 

“Everyone has that first love that crushes them, at some point, even though it wasn’t intentional. You and I had a friendship that was above and beyond anything else. I think the friendship was more important, looking back on it, right? We had such great times together that whatever went on outside of that was less important.”

Honestly, SO wholesome! We’re so glad to the hear the former couple still has a lot of love and respect for one another, and we can’t wait to tune in for more podcasts. And to hear more dirt! Like, who on Salute Your Shorts was dating…?

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