Heroic 10-Year-Old Girl ‘Punched Through’ Glass To Save Family From Apartment Fire!

Not all superheroes wear capes… or are even old enough to go see a PG-13 superhero movie!

A 10-year-old girl is being celebrated for her part in helping to rescue her family members from a fire that erupted in their Indiana apartment building early Sunday morning. The conflagration was truly terrifying! On-scene authorities explained in a Facebook post: 

“Upon arriving, Officers observed that multiple people were trapped in an upstairs apartment, and the staircase was engulfed in flames.”

This all occurred around 1:00 a.m. after reports of a structure fire began rolling in.

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Since the main staircase had already been compromised with flames, the window was the family’s only exit. But one fifth grader took care of that! Nichole Midgett, an officer involved in the rescue, explained what she saw when it came to the fierce little girl who helped save her fam: 

“She punched through and broke the glass out of the way ​​and then she just started pulling the babies out and all the children jumped out.”

Sorry, she PUNCHED THROUGH it?! Wow! We’re impressed to say the LEAST! It’s like in Spider-Man 2 when he loses his powers but still chooses to enter a burning building to save a small child. Except in this case it WAS the small child doing the rescuing! Tobey Maguire would definitely approve!

The young legend’s name hasn’t been released, nor have the names of the family members which she saved, but it was reported there were five children total between the ages of 3 and 13 in the building and their grandmother. Wow!

Unlucky for them, their apartment was on the 2nd floor, and the little girl can’t fly (that we know of). The Madison Police Department took it the rest of the way, explaining in their post:

“MPD Officers and Detectives were able to catch each child as they jumped from the windows. One adult female also leapt from the second story window and was caught by Officers. MPD Officers also entered the ground level apartments to ensure no one else was trapped inside.”

This is a seriously wild story!

After everyone was safely out of the apartment building, the responding officers focused their attention to fighting the flames, as reported in the Facebook post:

“MPD Officers Josh Nolan and Kyle Potter are both experienced firefighters, and began to fight the blaze until more fire fighters could arrive on scene.”

Truly a team effort!

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Phillip Wimpee, additional officer at the scene also shared his thoughts on the incident:

“It was one of the most chaotic scenes we’ve ever been on, yet the most seamless response we’ve probably ever had and I think all of us would agree with that.”

We’re just glad everyone is okay, especially thanks to the brave young girl!

As of now the cause of the fire remains “under investigation.” See astounding bodycam footage of the incendiary incident (below):

What are YOUR thoughts on the heroic youngling’s quick actions? Share them in the comments (below)!

[Images via WLKY News Louisville/YouTube & TopMovieClips/Youtube]

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