Hecklers Interrupt The View’s Interview With Ted Cruz! But Whose Side Are Viewers On??

Once again there was messiness on The View. But for once it was a guest that brought it instead of a co-host!

On Monday’s episode, the ladies invited Senator Ted Cruz to come talk to… ugh, really? Ted Cruz? Apparently they’re totally fine letting anyone come on and shill their new book, even people who tried to help overthrow the government. Gross.

Anyway, they were laughing with Ted “Even Bob & Elizabeth Dole Hated Me” Cruz when a group of activists stood up in the audience and started heckling him. See the censored version of the viral moment, in which they quickly cut out the sound and go to commercial (below):

What was happening? Well, it appears three women began chanting:

“Cover climate now!”

In recent days climate activists have defaced classic paintings by Van Gogh and Monet by throwing soup and mashed potatoes on them. Frankly we’d rather they do this. An interview with Ted “Trump Called My Wife Ugly On TV And I Still Kiss His Ass” Cruz is hardly a freakin’ Monet.

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Though this was ostensibly about climate and its lack of real discussion on The View, one of the women did shout out:

“F**k you, Ted Cruz!”

Ted “I called the January 6 insurrectionists patriots” Cruz actually kept talking the whole time, apparently tuning it out — which makes sense we guess, as it would be the first time he ever was accused of listening to women’s voices.

Whoopi Goldberg, on the other hand, stopped everything and went full teacher mode, castigating the audience members:

“Excuse me! Ladies, ladies! Excuse us! Let us do our jobs. We hear what you have to say, but you gotta go! You gotta go, you gotta let us do our job.”

Here’s the full uncensored clip from the live broadcast:

You can see another angle of the incident thanks to the protesters themselves, who recorded it:

An ABC spokesperson later confirmed the incident, explaining to multiple outlets that the women were removed to keep the show going:

“Three members of the audience interrupted The View today during Sen. Ted Cruz’s appearance protesting about climate. They were promptly escorted out by security.”

On the air when they returned, Ana Navarro actually apologized to Ted “Actually Got Into A Twitter Beef With Big Bird From Sesame Street” Cruz, saying:

“I’ve been very vocal and critical of you, but I’m sorry that this has happened in our house.”

Hmm. It’s rude to be sure, but… should a man like Ted “I Tried To Decertify The 2020 Election To End Democracy For A Seat Under The Table As Trump’s Lapdog” Cruz be invited on a show like The View to spread his disgusting messages at all? It’s one thing when folks from either side of the aisle are debating differences on issues — it’s another when people come on and spread propaganda about the Big Lie of the election being stolen. You know, the kind of talk that foments anger and violence and is threatening to start another civil war. Plenty of fans were more offended by the Ted talk, too, writing on Twitter:

“Ted Cruz is a treasonous, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, transphobic, homophobic, lying a**hole. Can’t believe #TheView is giving him airtime.”

“Ted Cruz just went on @TheView to say the 2020 election was stolen in case you’re wondering how the GOP’s misinformation campaign is being aired on network TV two years after January 6th (it’s going really well for them!)”

“No Whoopi the Ted Cruz protesters on climate change should not have to go. You shouldn’t even be giving him a platform to spread misinformation, hatred and fear mongering to begin with. #TheView”

“And after Ted Cruz was able to shout his lies over a panel of 5 women successfully, Whoopi looks to the camera, visibly upset, and promotes his book while telling the audience they get a free copy. What a joke. No one wins when you platform lies except for the liar. #TheView”

What do YOU think was the bigger offense? Heckling Ted Cruz? Or having Ted “Abandoned Texas AND The Family Dog To Flee To Cancun” Cruz on the show?? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via The View/YouTube.]

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