Halloween Franchise Alums Say Jamie Lee Curtis Treated Them Like TRASH At Halloween Ends Premiere

Well, this is disappointing to hear.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a scream queen, a hero, and an icon. But she may also be a diva who treats people really dismissively? At least that was the experience of two fellow Halloween stars — and massive fans — at the premiere of Halloween Ends.

The biggest fans of the Halloween movies know it’s got maybe the most inconsistent installments of any franchise out there. But they love them, warts and all. Like a family that’s mostly black sheep. While Jamie Lee is synonymous with the series, she’s only in like half of them. So there are plenty of alumni she’s never even met! Two of those have become scream queens in their own right, thanks to their roles in these movies.

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Scout Taylor-Compton played Laurie Strode, the same character as Curtis, in the 2007 Rob Zombie remake and its very strange sequel. As a child actor Danielle Harris made her film debut in Halloween 4 and 5. She starred as Jamie, the daughter of Laurie, who was revealed to have died between movies. It’s a whole thing. All four of their sequels were critically panned and reviled by viewers. (At first. A lot of folks have come around, and those movies definitely have their fans, too.)

Anyway, the stars (who met when Danielle Harris was cast as a different character in the Rob Zombie films) have a lot in common — and so started a podcast together called Talk Scary To Me. The most recent episode was all about their one-in-a-lifetime experience being invited to the premiere of the “last” movie in the franchise, Halloween Ends. They spoke about how they didn’t get to go to the previous premieres of this new trilogy and were nervous about meeting their cinematic hero.

They got their wish. And somewhere the finger of a monkey’s paw curled. They went with A Nightmare On Elm Street star Heather Langenkamp to the premiere’s after party and tried to work up the courage to ask Jamie Lee for a photo. Eventually Danielle pushed herself to do it, approaching the actress and explaining how she had been in two of these things, playing her daughter even. She was floored by the curt reaction she got, claiming Jamie dismissed her completely with the words:

“I’ve never seen those movies, I don’t know who you are.”

Wow. No commiseration, no acknowledgment, nothing?! Harris said she thought for sure there was a “just kidding” coming, but nope. She was devastated. Her friend, who hadn’t seen any of this, separately approached Jamie Lee. While Taylor-Compton didn’t get into specifics of the interaction, she did say it was very similar. She added:

“We just left [the party] feeling very, very hurt.”

Harris added:

“I just felt dumb.”

Aw. That’s not OK. We know Jamie Lee has been effusive over this new trilogy, calling it “a masterpiece.” She’s even been reductive about the other films she’s been in (even though she’s rarely been better than her phenomenally nuanced performance as a single mom with PTSD in Halloween: H20), so we have to imagine she has zero time for the sequels and reboots she had no part of. But does that mean she should be so disdainful to the other actresses who were in her shoes? Just because they weren’t in the Halloween movies that she thinks are the end-all be-all? (And, let’s face it — according to critics and fans, these new flicks have plenty of their own problems!)

Harris and Scout-Compton both say they were “shocked and hurt” by the experience. Though they still love Jamie Lee and view her as the rightful queen of the genre and franchise — and wonder if maybe she was just really busy or having a bad day. Hmm. You can listen to the full episode HERE.

What do YOU think of their story, Perezcious horror fans??

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