Gwyneth Paltrow Makes Awkward Joke To Hailey Bieber About F**KING Her Dad!!! OMG!

Gwyneth Paltrow and Hailey Bieber got down to the nitty-gritty for the Wednesday episode of Who’s In My Bathroom. For those who don’t know, the popular YouTube series sees the influencer inviting special guests to swing by her bathroom (it’s huge, BTW) for anything from skincare to cooking!

In the latest episode, the Iron Man actress popped in to show Stephen Balwin’s daughter how to make the perfect mint chocolate chip smoothie! However, before they got going with that, they broke the ice in a way that we can’t say we’d recommend… As Gwyneth greeted Hailey, she explained, “I think I know your dad and your uncles,” to which the host responded “any stories?”

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This is where things take a turn! It started when Gwyn explained:

“I did a movie with your dad, actually.”

Hailey, a little surprised, admitted she had no idea! Gwyn continued:

“It’s a tiny independent movie, I think I was like 20 years old, so it was a really long time ago, but he was great!”

The 25-year-old y was clearly pleased to hear of the good impression, but added:

“Imagine if you had some horror story and you were like ‘that was terrible, it was a nightmare working with him.’”

To which Gwyneth QUICKLY responded:

“Or if I had like, f**ked your dad in the bathroom”


She then erupted in laughter before admitting that she was merely joking. Although Hailey did confess that she’s had someone say something like that before (we wonder who it went down with ), she was fast to play it off! Check out the full video (below):

Anyway, Perezcious readers, what are YOUR thoughts on the inneresting interaction? Let us know in the comments!

[Images via Hailey Rhode Bieber/YouTube & Derrick Salters/WENN]

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