Godfrey Hotel Hollywood Responds To Influencer’s Sex Trafficking Allegations After Viral TikTok Creates Major Backlash!!

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Godfrey Hotel Hollywood is clapping back at allegations made against them after an influencer posted about her terrifying stay! But are they telling the truth?!

Over the weekend, popular DIY-er TayBeepBoop detailed a scary experience while staying at the hotel alone during which a male employee tried to get into her room, claiming he was having an emergency with “her car” (which she doesn’t even own and wasn’t at the hotel). Meanwhile, after she got in contact with the front desk and they promised to send security, NOBODY came to her rescue and her phone calls were left unanswered. The whole thing left her feeling uneasy, and she suspected that the hotel was in on some kind of sex trafficking scheme. Fearing for her safety, she was only able to leave the hotel after an escort came to get her out! Terrifying!!

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In the aftermath of the viral video, Godfrey Hotel Hollywood’s social media platforms and Google reviews have been flooded with bad reviews as people try to save other single female travelers from falling victim to the same (allegedly repetitive) behavior. On Monday, the establishment FINALLY responded to the allegations — and their excuse is just not it, at least to Tay and the other woman who have allegedly suffered traumatizing stays. Posting a statement on Instagram, they explained:

“Regarding the June 1 security matter being discussed on social media this week, we’d like to provide the following statement.

Two months ago, on June 1, our staff was attempting to deal with an urgent security matter at our hotel. In the course of addressing this situation most expediently, our team mistakenly approached the wrong guestroom.”

“Approached” or terrorized?? The statement continued:

“After the error was discovered, our staff was able to speak with the guest staying in the room later that day, at which point, our staff explained the situation at hand, the error that was made, and apologized for the confusion and alarm that this caused.”

That’s not exactly how we’d describe the phone call (if they’re referring to the one captured for TikTok)! Clips were recorded and shared on Tay’s social channel (below), showing that she had to fight tooth and nail to learn why the employee so desperately wanted to speak with her in person when she didn’t own a car. And when he finally let up and admitted his mistake, he still threatened to call the police on her and asked for her to come to the front desk the next time she left her room. Take a listen:


Replying to @dani klarić this was a really long and hard video to make, it was sort of traumatizing and I’m kind of freaked out about staying anywhere now and I dont leave my house much anymore tbh because I already was dealing with PTSD about my safety. I’m OKAY which is why im able to go through this footage now. I genuinely don’t want anything to do with this hotel, this is a PSA to stay safe and cautious. I don’t want people to go after this worker because I still don’t know what his intentions were and he could have just been trying to do his job

♬ original sound – TayBeepBoop | DIY QUEEN

We wouldn’t really call that an appropriate apology, especially when you knowingly freaked a young woman out!!!

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Supposedly, the Cali hotel has learned from its past and has trained its staff to handle these incidents better in the future, their note concluded:

“Following the incident, we reviewed our security protocols and staff training to learn from this and prevent situations like this from ever occurring in the future.”

You can check out their full statement, notably with the comments turned off late last night as users flooded the post, (below).

Whatever training they did has allegedly isn’t the issue here! Several women have come forward to the TikToker claiming they’ve experienced the same traumatic thing — some even as recently as last week!! Just take a look at Tay’s DMs!


Replying to @TayBeepBoop | DIY QUEEN there have been more claims that the same thing has happened to women at @godfreyhotelhwood including multiple more in the comments of the last video. I’ve heard nothing back from their management. My video is being sent to LAPD and I don’t know what more to do

♬ original sound – TayBeepBoop | DIY QUEEN


Replying to @TayBeepBoop | DIY QUEEN @godfreyhotelhwood what do you have to say?

♬ original sound – TayBeepBoop | DIY QUEEN


It sucks that so many women have experienced this and the hotel is writing it off as nothing! If those messages weren’t enough to prove that something seriously weird is going down at Godfrey, TayBeepBoop also revealed on her Instagram Story that the place is “lying” their ass off! In response to their public statement, she argued that nobody has reached out to her since she left the hotel in a flurry amid the incident:

“@godfreyhotelhollywood is lying. No one from their hotel ever communicated with me. Multiple women have come forward and said a similar thing happened to them on different dates. Regularly having ‘emergencies’ that solo women need to assist them with?”

Godfrey Hotel Responds To Influencer’s Sex Trafficking Allegations After Viral TikTok Creates Major Backlash!!
(c) TayBeepBoop/Instagram

That’s not normal!

It remains unclear if the Los Angeles Police Department is looking into this mess, but Tay has shared her footage with them in hopes of seeking some necessary change. Thoughts?!

[Image via TayBeepBoop/Instagram/TikTok]

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