Gabby Petito’s Mom Slams Partying Mother Of Missing Toddler Quinton Simon

Nichole Schmidt has now weighed in one of the most upsetting missing persons cases we’ve seen in a very long time.

Obviously the poor woman knows what she’s talking about — she had to bury her daughter, Gabby Petito, after that missing persons case tragically turned into a murder investigation once the YouTuber was found dead across the country in Wyoming. Nichole lived through the doomed search for a loved one. So what does she have to say about Quinton Simon‘s mother? It’s not good.

Video: Gabby & Brian Laundrie Seen Looking Tense In Newly Uncovered Surveillance Footage

For those not following the heartbreaking case, the 20-month-old was reported missing two weeks ago — but Georgia’s Chatham County Police Department and the FBI have now come to the tragic conclusion that the boy is dead. They’re currently searching one specific landfill based on their evidence that the child’s body was thrown away in a particular dumpster which would have been emptied here. They have not found him yet, but they seem pretty certain — and they’re also only looking at one person. They’ve named his mother, Leilani Simon, as the “prime suspect” in the case.

Quinton Simon mother Leilani Simon Facebook
(c) Leilani Simon/Facebook

What is she doing while multiple officers are spending hours combing through trash looking for her toddler’s body? Living it up.

Sources told The Sun this week she and her mother, Billy Jo Howell, were hanging at a local Tybee Island bar called Sting Ray’s, drinking and “having a good time.” Since then NewsNation has confirmed the report, learning the two women “did shots, got flirty, and even demanded one waiter’s phone number” while racking up a tab north of $300. See more on that (below):

It was that exact report that caught Nichole’s eye. She shared it on her Twitter, writing in disgust:

“I cannot comprehend the behavior here!!!”

She also added the hashtags #badhumans and #wtf.

We know people grieve in different ways, but we also imagine most folks are pretty disgusted with Leilani right now. There are protesters outside her home already calling her a murderer. But if anyone has the right to call out this behavior as being wrong, it’s Nichole.

The grieving mom, who has become an advocate for both missing persons and victims of domestic violence after the murder of her daughter, went through this. Her child was missing. She knows what someone goes through in this situation. And her verdict? #wtf.

For those wondering why there hasn’t been an arrest yet, well, we imagine that won’t take long once the child’s remains are found.

[Image via NewsNation/Today/YouTube/Chatham County Police Department/Gabby Petito/Instagram.]

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