Gabbie Hanna Claims She Was ‘Detained’ By Police Officers During Wellness Check

Gabbie Hanna is speaking out after police performed a welfare check on her this week.

As we previously reported, the Los Angeles Police Department showed up at the influencer’s home on Wednesday after fans became increasingly concerned when she posted more than 100 videos. All uploaded to TikTok in one day, she shared her thoughts on religion, someone breaking into her home, and more, all while crying, screaming, and laughing. Cops reportedly “chatted for a few minutes” with Gabbie, who was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and called the psychological evaluation team for assistance. When medical professionals arrived at the scene, they had “a long chat” with the 31-year-old and decided she wasn’t a threat to herself or anyone else before leaving her house.

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Now, the YouTube personality has returned to the social media platform on Thursday in order to share what happened during the wellness check. According to Gabbie, she claimed that the LAPD officers “detained” and “mocked” her while inside her home, saying:

“So right before the cops busted in my back door — all on camera and documented, obviously — they came in and did a quick little search. I came down the stairs, [and] they wouldn’t tell me why I was being detained. They cuffed me and then they demanded that I drink water.”

When the social media star told cops that she “didn’t want any,” they allegedly made her comply with their order while her hands were still handcuffed behind her back. She continued:

“[After I took a sip], they said, ‘No, more water.’ So, I spilled a little on my chest, and [one of the officers] put his hand on his f**king hip as if he was going to shoot me. And he said, ‘I said, drink the water, don’t spill the water on yourself.’ I said, ‘Officer, I’m in my own home. I like the water’s feeling on my body. Why does it scare you that I just put water on my chest? I’m in my own home with my hands f**king cuffed behind my back with five bullies with guns illegally searching and detaining me with no answers at all.’”

Gabbie then noted that the officers ridiculed her whenever she tried to speak to them, later criticizing:

“Why don’t you, the Los Angeles Police Department, tell America what is the definition of civics? What is it? Do you believe you’ve met your civic duty when you broke in, did an illegal search, and cuffed me?”


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Speaking about the mental health professionals who talked with her during the wellness check, Gabby “thanked them for their careful, thorough, and kind services” in a follow-up video posted on Friday. The social media user shared:

“The two psych evaluation professionals declared there was no need for any intervention as I’m a healthy, sane, successful, coherent, talented, highly intelligent, and intuitive adult woman. They left me with the information for resources and circled some [of] my PPO Blue Cross, covers. … I knew if I ever felt in danger again I’d have resources.”


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Hopefully she won’t ever be “in danger again.” We’re wishing Gabbie nothing but the best and just hope she has the support she needs at this time.

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