Full On Family Feud!! Victoria Beckham & Nicola Peltz Are Just ‘Collateral Damage’ In Major Clash Between Families!

The drama between the Beckhams and Peltzes goes WAY beyond Victoria Beckham and her new daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz!

As we’ve been reporting, tensions between Brooklyn Beckham’s mom and wife have risen to new heights ever since his wedding in April. At first, it sounded like the problem was just between the women — it certainly wouldn’t be the first time a bride and mother-in-law didn’t get along. But now it sounds like it’s a whole epic feud!

According to several sources who opened up to Page Six on Tuesday, the famous fams are butting heads, especially over business ventures as the Peltzes seemingly try to capitalize on the young couple’s fame.

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One highly-placed source from Palm Beach, Florida (where the Beckhams live these days) pointed out:

“Victoria and Nicola are just collateral damage. It’s not just about two women — it’s two families coming together.”

Coming together to form one big extended family hasn’t been easy for either side, the source continued:

“It’s pretty obvious there’s an issue between the two families. Everybody needs to find their place. They’re just not quite connecting yet.”

Innerestingly, there are supposedly no problems between Brooklyn and his in-laws, billionaire Nelson Peltz and his wife, Claudia. Nelson is even offering to support the 23-year-old on any venture he wants!! Trying to bribe him over to their side of the fight?? Hmm.

According to the insider, word on the street is that the couple could be looking to create their own empire similar to that of Victoria and David Beckham — and in doing so, they’re making sure to piggyback off the “Brand Beckham.” It is believed that Brooklyn and Nicola are hoping to launch clothing, beauty, and perfume lines — just like Posh and Becks.

But, while they are trying to walk in the Beckhams’ footsteps, the Peltzes don’t want to be left behind either, the insider noted:

“There is a very deliberate move orchestrated by Nicola and her mom and funded by Nelson. There is a reason why Brooklyn and Nicola are now ‘Peltz Beckham.’ It’s all about branding.”

That’s no joke. They’re going by Brooklyn Peltz Beckham and Nicola Anne Peltz Beckham on Instagram now. This particular confidant believes Nicola, 27, and her mother are the masterminds of the PR operation, saying:

“I think that Nicola and her mom come up with ideas, Nelson can fund anything and he says yes! But for David and Victoria, it has to have some substance.”

Throwing a little shade!

As Perezcoius readers know, the Spice Girls alum and soccer icon run various brands, including the singer’s fashion and beauty products. David has also signed a $139 million lifetime deal with Adidas. He also endorses Tudor watches, has his own whiskey company, Diageo Haig Club, and earlier this year signed the biggest deal of his life with Authentic Brands Group, giving them a 55% stake in his global brand, DB Ventures, for $269 million per CNBC. His fortune is estimated at around $750 million, an insider told the outlet. Nelson is reportedly worth $1.8 billion with a B, but that doesn’t translate to capital in the celeb world.

While the Beckhams are successful AF, it’s important to the parents that their children (also including Romeo, 19, Cruz, 17, and Harper, 11) to understand the meaning of hard work, another source said:

“The Beckhams are quite old-fashioned. They believe that everyone should make their own way up in the world. Although they’ll always give their kids a leg up in terms of support and endorsement, they famously made Brooklyn work in a cafe to teach him about work ethic and to get some values. They were really keen to support his passion for photography, so they helped him get internships; then he got into cooking, and they’ve supported that.”

The source pointed out the Peltzes aren’t the same way:

“There are cultural differences between the two families.”

Another family insider noted:

“Brooklyn has become so, so close to the Peltzes, and to Nicola’s dad, especially. For Victoria, who is extremely close to Brooklyn, that has to be difficult.”

Nicola is also extremely close to her family. Her mother Claudia reportedly joined her on the set of her new film, Lola James, which she co-wrote, co-directed, and stars in. Addressing Claudia’s power in the family, they added:

“Claudia pulls a lot of the family’s strings.”

But getting the Beckhams to do what she wants has been way more challenging than the fam thought, explained the Florida source:

“The Peltzes may have thought, [the Beckhams’] ‘will be easy.’ The Beckhams are just a pop star and a footballer, but they’ve been doing this for 25 years — they’re very astute.”

Seeing as they’re rich and famous themselves, the source added ominously:

“They can’t be controlled with the Peltz money.”

While the whole family is divided, Victoria and Nicola do seem to be the most public about the feud. Last month, DailyMail.com pointed out that the women went from obsessing over each other on social media to NEVER liking the other’s posts! Back in 2021, the model liked 25 of Nicola’s IG uploads while Nicola liked 20. Victoria has not liked a single post of Nicola’s — including those from her honeymoon — since May 27. Geez.

Another point to prove there’s a rift? The newlyweds took Nelson and Claudia with them on their honeymoon to Italy. While the Beckhams were staying on another yacht nearby, it’s unclear if they ever even saw each other.

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Speaking of the wedding, we’ve already reported the event was a major point of contention for Victoria and Nicola — and it turns out that’s because it was all Peltz all the time. According to the Palm Beach source, “the wedding was very much a Peltz production,” and it reportedly included a Wendy’s burger truck (because Nelson is chairman of the board). Wow!! A highly-placed source mused:

“Let’s face it, weddings are hard enough, but particularly tough when you’re dealing with two big wealthy, high-profile and complicated families.”

It’s hard to know if this is just a rough patch for the blended family or if this feud could be permanent. One source speculated:

“Look, whatever happens, Nicola and Brooklyn are clearly crazy about each other — and that’s what matters right now. Families go through these things, frankly, everyone thinks it will all sort itself out.”

It sounds like things are so much worse than we initially thought! Damn! It’s like an IRL Montagues vs. Capulets scandal! Do you think these families will reconcile?!

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