Former Miss Universe Olivia Culpo Reveals What Cosmetic Procedures She’s Had Done!

Olivia Culpo is getting candid about what cosmetic procedures she’s had done — and which she hasn’t.

In a new TikTok Sunday, the 2012 Miss Universe pageant winner opened up about all the plastic surgery rumors she’s been, well… facing over the past months. Folks have been commenting on her changing face, and she’s finally ready to address it!

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In a “get ready with me” style clip, the 31-year-old maintains she’s never undergone “plastic surgery” — but she’s not a stranger to some cosmetic enhancements here and there:

“Everybody’s always interested in talking about, what fillers do you do, what Botox do you do? All of these things, blah blah blah … I, for the record, have never had plastic surgery.”

She went on to explicitly state she’s never had any surgery on her jaw, despite speculation, and she’s not gotten the infamous buccal fat removal, either. What fans are seeing with her different-looking cheeks? Her explanation is her face is just more “sunken in” than it was back in 2012 when she was on Miss Universe! It was over 10 years ago… Baby fat gone, we guess??

Those denials don’t mean she’s never done anything to her face, though:

“I will tell you guys exactly what I do. I get Botox here…”

The Culpo Sisters star pointed to the sides of her chin and her temples, revealing she gets Botox in those areas. She said she refuses to get Botox in her forehead because it turns in her eyebrows in a way she doesn’t like, and it makes her “pout” look “insane”. Um… we guess she knows that because she has tried it??

She’s guilty of fillers, too. She explained she has lip filler, but that’s the only spot she’s gotten it done:

“I have done filler before in my cheeks, but I haven’t in years. I don’t want my face to be so concave.”

Now, the model-turned-influencer confessed, she’s given up on Botox in her jaw to “slim it” as well as toned it down a lot on the fillers. Although she still does indulge things such as lash lifts:

“Now I’m just embracing my natural structure. That’s the tea, guys!”

We’re not sure how “natural” all that sounds, but definitely not as much as has been rumored online. See her full video (below):


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[Image via Miss Universe/YouTube/Olivia Culpo/Instagram]

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